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3 Reasons To Love skinicer® Repair Mask

skinicer® Repair Mask is the "hero" product of the Dermatologist-developed skinicer® Repair range for naturally effective relief for facial skin conditions (e.g. eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, "maskne" etc.) or extremely sensitive, easily irritable skin. Check out why, below...

Spiralin® microalgae extract

1. Restores Skin's Microbiome – Thanks To Spiralin® Extract

The skinicer® Repair Mask contains the highest concentration of the unique, active Spiralin® microalgae extract of any products in the skinicer® Repair range. skinicer® Repair Mask combines the unique, natural antimicrobial and cell-regenerative properties of Spiralin® with low-irritant, natural skin-nourishing ingredients for visibly nourished, balanced and plumper skin. Spiralin® cell-regenerative properties also ensure accelerated healing of damaged skin (e.g. acne scars, eczema, pimples etc.). This cell-regenerative effect is further supported by the natural ingredient allantoin.

The antimicrobial properties of Spiralin® extract in skinicer® Repair products also protects broken, damaged skin against secondary infections from bacteria, fungi and virus. This results in less flare ups and healthier, calmer skin.

Prepare Skin For The Mask:

skinicer® Repair Cleanser cleanses gently, and without affecting the skin's natural pH levels, thanks to natural coconut & organic willow bark extracts. Developed with leading Dermatologists to be suitable even for facial skin conditions, but can be used for any skin typeFree from: synthetic preservatives, silicones, mineral oils & fragrances. Made in Germany.

skinicer® Repair Cleanser

2. Brightens & Tightens Skin – With Willow Bark & Witch Hazel Extracts

Organic willow bark and witch hazel extracts gently exfoliate dead skin cells and minimise the appearance of pores for brighter, tighter looking skin. 

For best results, skinicer® Repair Mask should be applied to cleansed, dry skin 1-2x a week. Unlike other cream masks, skinicer® Repair Mask isn't washed off. Apply a thin layer of the mask (ideally in the evenings, so the ingredients can continue working their magic over night...). Gently wipe off any excess after 30 minutes with a clean tissue.

skinicer® Repair Mask
Aesthetikonzept - skinicer® Repair Cream Combination

3. Deeply Hydrates & Nourishes – With Apricot Kernel & Grape Seed Oil

Organic apricot kernel oil provides nourishing yet non-greasy moisture. The contained grape seed oil is antioxidant rich for skin rejuvenation. Naturally, skinicer® Repair solutions are made in Germany, not tested on animals and free from: synthetic preservatives, silicones, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances.

For Daily Care & Regeneration Of Sensitive/Damaged Skin:

skinicer® Repair Cream
For Mature or Dry, Sensitive Or Damaged Skin

skinicer® Repair Cream not only protects skin agains irritation and inflammation but also helps smoothen and plumpen skin, thanks to antioxidant rich grape seed oil (20x stronger than Vitamin C & 50x stronger than Vitamin E). Willow Bark Extract calms inflammation & reduces the appearance of lines. Liquorice Root Extract provides anti-inflammatory to help soothe reddened skin. Made in Germany & free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, silicones & mineral oil-based ingredients.

skinicer® Repair Serum
For Oily Or Acne-Prone, Sensitive Or Damaged Skin

Overproduction of oil tends to be more common in young adult/teenage skin but, even skin conditions including inflamed skin areas combined with oiliness can benefit from using the skinicer® Repair Serum.

A betaine complex delivers moisture, while the percentage of oils in the formulation of skinicer Repair Serum is kept to a minimum (<10%).

More About The skinicer® Repair Range

Naturally Effective Relief For Facial Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions vs Skin Concerns & Solutions

Developed with leading Dermatologist & Allergologist Prof. Dr. Kristian Reich

Internationally renowned Dermatologist and Allergologist, Prof. Dr. Kristian Reich, M.D. helped develop the skinicer® Repair skincare range. 

Prof. Reich is a partner at the Dermatologikum institute in Berlin (Germany), where he practices with a focus on general dermatology, psoriasis, autoimmune disorders, neurodermatitis and allergology.

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