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4 Reasons To Spring Clean Your Skin With KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling

Did you know that skincare absorbs up to 70% better when applied after exfoliation? So if that's not enough to make exfoliation a weekly part of your skincare routine - we've also put together four reasons why you should be giving your skin that Spring clean (regularly!) using KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling/Mask...

1. Removes Dead Skin - So Skincare Absorbs Deeper

Dead skin cells essentially become a barrier between your skin and the products you apply to it topically. Exfoliating with a gentle, mechanical peeling ensures that these upper layers of dead skin are removed, so that your skincare products can absorb deeper and therefore up to 70% better. Exfoliating regularly (1- max. 2x weekly) ensures that you are getting the most from the rest of your precious skincare.

2. Unclogs Pores - To Reduce Breakouts, Black- & Whiteheads

Dead skin cells also seal the pores. Skin's sebaceous glands produce their oil (sebum), which can then be trapped in the pores, which is the  main cause for blackheads and white heads. Therefore regularly exfoliating away this dead skin, as well as other build up (e.g. residual build up from make up), can help reduce breakouts. KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling isn't just an exfoliation though, but can also be left on the skin for 15 minutes prior to exfoliation, as a facial mask.

3. Stimulates Micro-Circulation - Evens Skin Tone, Taughtness & Texture

Of course the physical act of gently massaging an exfoliating scrub such as KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling also stimulates circulation for a radiant complexion. The peeling includes biodegradable micro-particles of rice and bamboo coated in precious oils which gently buff away build up without causing unwanted micro-tears in the skin. This even makes it suitable for sensitive skin, leaving a smoother, more even skin tone.

4. Accelerates Cell Turnover - To Boost Skin Radiance

You may have heard that skin naturally renews itself every 28 days. However the older we get the longer this process takes - much, much longer... Exfoliation accelerates this process by breaking the bonds that glue the dead/dying cells together, allowing new cells to surface, giving skin that glow.

KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling has an innovative oil-gel formulation, which turns into a skin-nourishing, milky emulsion when mixed with water. Furthermore, it includes precious oils and the unique, organic matcha extract leaving skin feeling silky smooth and glowing.

Ready To Start Exfoliating With KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling & Reaping These Skin Benefits?

Products For 1-2x Weekly Exfoliation

KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling should be applied to cleansed, dry skin, therefore ideally cleanse with KOSHO Creamy Cleansing gentle cleansing mousse first.

KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling


Multi-Effect Peeling

KOSHO Creamy Cleansing Foaming Cleanser


Creamy Cleansing


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