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5 Tips for Getting In A Mindful Festive Spirit

Whether you celebrate Christmas, or this is just the “end of year madness” for you, it should be a time to not just “get through”…But maybe actually enjoy it a little!
That’s why we’ve come up with 5 simple & doable tips for getting into a more mindful festive spirit:


Getting in a mindful festive spirit with Aesthetikonzept

1. Make a list of things to be grateful for…

We get so wrapped up in the gift buying and “to do list ticking”, that by the time the new year rolls around we haven’t given much thought to what we are proud of having achieved in 2017 or what we have to be thankful for. So light a candle, make a cuppa and start a list – just 3 things is already a great start – GO!


2. Spend an afternoon making some festive treats…

Be it for some meditative “you time” or as quality time with the kids – it doesn’t have to be traditional baking, but scoffing the result is bound to lift everyone’s spirits. Make some extra to drop off at a local rest home or with charity helpers – they’ll appreciate some sweet sustenance too! Click here for sweet inspiration >

Festive Baking with Aesthetikonzept


Finishing touches on a festive outfit

3. Plan a Christmas/New Year’s outfit – or two…

Of course we won’t know what the weather gets up to until the actual day, so you best plan for rain & shine. But thinking about what you’ll wear and having it all planned out (even just in your head), including details such as the right nail polish or natural lipstick will make you look forward to the day – knowing you’ll feel comfortable & have one less thing to decide!


4. Experiment with spirits…

Spend an evening trying out some refreshing cocktail & mocktail recipes to serve up to family & friends – your spirits will be sure to rise while you taste-test! Maybe even invite the neighbours round to help you pick a favourite…
Click here for a great collection of recipes to work your way through!

Aesthetikonzept - Experimenting with festive spirits


Aesthetikonzept - Shop online for Christmas gifts

5. Beat the rush & shop online…

Or at least gather your inspiration there before you have to hit the shops along with everyone else – check out Pinterest, blogs, or your favourite shops online first, see what’s on offer and make a rough list of what you need to get for whom, to save frustration trying to decide in store, or getting unnecessary stuff…


And if all else fails, we are sure you will find something nice AND practical in our Aesthetikonzept shop! 😉


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