Aesthetikonzept was founded with the mission to be the link that connects unique health and beauty innovations around the globe.

With a focus on products that are natural and non-harmful yet with scientifically proven effects, we have already brought the beauty sensation Biotulin, as well as the innovative Spirularin range to Australia and New Zealand.

Proud to be a family-owned and -operated business, we aren’t afraid to think big and are always looking to expand. Originally from Germany, and based in Auckland, New Zealand since 2000, our combined wealth of expertise as well as connections within Europe and Australasia make us an ideal partner.

If you formulate a product that aligns with our philosophy – get in touch! We would love to assist you in finding efficient distribution channels and connect you with the right partners.

For a selection of the products distributed directly through Aesthetikonzept please check out our portfolio.




Our Vision

We believe in the power of Nature. In natural ingredients proven to work by science. While pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs have their place, we are passionate about finding and sharing natural alternatives that are highly active, yet non harmful – to humans, animals or the planet.

We wish to share these findings with as many people as possible from all walks of life, to help them with their everyday health and beauty concerns.