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Anti-Ageing Properties of Kosho’s Unique Matcha Tea Extract

The Swiss-made Kosho Matcha Effective Cosmetics range is the first in the world to feature a patented extract of the finest Japanese, organic Matcha tea. Discover the powerful anti-ageing properties of this unique, naturally active skincare ingredient and why it makes Kosho skincare products so effective for skin rejuvenation and protection...

Firstly, what causes skin ageing?

In a nutshell: skin ageing is a result of  multiple factors which reinforce each other.  Firstly, the decline in cell division limits the natural self-regeneration of the epidermis (thin, outer layer of the skin). Over time, the skin begins to lack important nutrients, and becomes thinner and more chapped. It retains less and less moisture and loses its protective function. This in turn damages the collagen fibres that give the skin texture, firmness and elasticity. Skin eventually becomes lined, wrinkled and loses its firmness.

How Kosho's Unique Matcha Effective Extract Combats This

Highest Levels of Antioxidants - Protect Skin Against Damage

Matcha green tea has the highest amount of antioxidants compared to other plants. Organic matcha extract is characterised by its high content of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This polyphenol accounts for about a third of its dry matter and is considered an antioxidant 100 times more potent than vitamin C. Due to further catechins and tea flavonoids in Kosho's unique organic matcha extract, Kosho Matcha Effective Cosmetics provide natural protection against cell transformation caused by free radicals, against UV radiation and other harmful environmental influences (i.e. against skin cell ageing).

Amino Acids Stimulate Collagen & Elastin - Strengthens & Rejuvenates Skin

The stimulating effect of organic matcha extract in Kosho skincare products breaks the skin-ageing cycle. The extract’s high content of amino acids (re-)activates the production of important proteins such as collagen and elastin. These are deposited in the skin, support the weakened tissue and stimulate the repair system to the formation of proteins. The skin becomes firmer and more elastic, and the domino effect of ageing is stopped.

High Chlorophyll Content - Boosts Circulation for a Brighter Complexion

The tea plantations for Matcha are covered with opaque nets four weeks prior to harvest, to slow down the ripening of the tea. The result is a bright green leaf that contains a particularly high amount of chlorophyll. This stimulates the transfer of oxygen to the cells and boosts blood circulation, for a brighter, healthier looking complexion.

Discover KOSHO Matcha Effective Cosmetics

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