Spiralin® Ingredient

Antifungal Action of Spiralin® (2 Mins)

Lesson 3 Chapter 2

Alex Schenz, Director of Aesthetikonzept explains how chitinases contained within the unique Spiralin® microalgae extract, provide effective antifungal protection for the skin and nails of even the most high-risk patients.

Watch how Spiralin® chitinases dissolve these fungal spores:

Spiralin® microalgae extract

  • Spiralin® contains chitinases
  • Chitinases break down chitin in fungal cells - thus destroying them
  • Well tolerated by patients, as chitinases cannot attack keratin in human nails

Antifungal Action Of Spiralin® Is Of Particular Relevance In:

Spirularin NS Nail Serum


for natural care & regeneration of fungal/damaged nails
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Safe for all patients incl. during pregnancy & diabetics
  • Nail-nourishing ingredients restore natural protection
  • Simple, topical application - better compliance

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