Spiralin® Ingredient

Antiviral Action of Spiralin® (3 Mins)

Lesson 4 Chapter 2

Antiviral thanks to polysaccharides

Aesthetikonzept Director, Alex Schenz explains how the Spirulina microalgae, from which Spiralin® is derived, has been protecting itself against viral attacks throughout millions of years of evolution, thanks to its unique polysaccharides.
 These cover skin cells in a protective layer to protect against viruses e.g. the wart-forming Human Papilloma Virus. This action plays a vital part in allowing painless & wound free removal of verrucae.  
Spiralin® microalgae extract

  • Spiralin® contains special polysaccharides called Calcium-Spirulan 
  • Ca-Spirulan covers skin cells with a protective film which virus cannot penetrate - healthy cells remain protected
  • Highly effective against HSV & HPV - as virus cannot create new host cells to reproduce

Antiviral Action Of Spiralin® Of Particular Relevance In:

Spirularin VS Cream


for painless & wound free wart/verruca removal
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Safe for all patients incl. diabetics & children (3yo+)
  • Warts are "grown out" painlessly over time
  • No open wounds - lower risk of reinfection
Spirularin HS cold sore cream with SPF-15


natural acute care or daily, proactive protection against cold sores
  • 100% natural ingredients + SPF15
  • Proactive antiviral protection 
  • Lip-nourishing ingredients restore natural protection - further reducing outbreaks
  • Antibacterial & cell-regenerative properties accelerate healing of acute blisters

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