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Application Tutorial Of Spirularin®HS Cold Sore Cream (3 Mins)

Lesson 3 Chapter 2

  1. 1
    Apply a thin layer of cream to lips or skin of affected area
  2. 2
    No need for patches over top - dries clear, neutral flavoured
  3. 3
    Apply twice daily - morning & night. Apply extra if exposed to sun for longer periods of time , or prior to situations usually triggering herpes (UV-exposure, stress, etc.)

Recommend in combination with:

Spirularin HS cold sore cream with SPF-15
Spirularin®HS COlD Sore Cream retail size (10ml)

Recommended Retail Price



TIP: Recommend with skinicer® Ocean Kiss Natural Lipsticks with Spiralin® - to beautify sensitive/cold sore prone lips OR add some colour to hide a cold sore blister during an outbreak.

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