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Client Feedback On Spirularin®HS Cold Sore Cream

Lesson 6 Chapter 3

I am totally converted to Spirularin!

I have been a cold sore sufferer all my life. I was introduced to Spirularin HS cream and must admit I was a little doubtful as I did think Zovirax was the wonder cream! Well…I am totally converted to Spirularin! I get very few cold sores now and they are also less severe. Spirularin has now replaced ‘Zovirax’! I am so grateful that you have introduced me to this product.”

Glenys W.

Auckland, NZ

Cold sores goodbye!

Used regularly, this cream really does help stop cold sore breakouts. I am not easily convinced, but the results really are sensational!!!”

Michael M.

Wellington, NZ

Does what it says

...The cream does what it says. I am very happy. Especially during strong sun exposure I no longer get cold sores anymore, thanks to this cream. Would recommend to everyone.”

Ingrid S.

Auckland, NZ

No cold sores for 4 months!!!

Since I have been using the cream, I no longer get cold sores! Before that I was getting cold sores almost monthly! 

I apply a thin layer of the cream to my lips regularly - mornings & evenings. Even though I forgot to use it a couple of times, it still did the job!

If you do feel the tingle or a blister coming up, just put some cream on it, and the next day it's gone again. The cream is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. The smell is neutral & pleasant.”

Alessa J.

Brisbane, AU

Definitely recommend

I've suffered from cold sores since I was little, and tried many other creams, plasters & therapies...even with daily application, the tube lasted almost 4 months. I can't stop viral outbreaks, but the time between outbreaks is definitely longer, and the severity less. Definitely recommend. 

Denise R.

Adelaide, AU

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