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Expert Interview & Opinion About Spirularin®NS Nail Serum

Lesson 7 Chapter 3

Leading, German Podiatrist & Author of The Big Book of Nail Diseases, Anke Niederau explains her method for addressing extreme cases of fungal nails, as well as what her patients love about using the Spirularin products.

Expert Interview

Anke Niederau is not only a practicing Podiatrist, and trainer for Podiatrists throughout Europe, but also author of the professional compendium The Big Book of Nail Diseases – already in its 2nd edition and highly praised by medical professionals.
In this interview with trade journal Esthetic Dermatology she describes her successful experience with the Spirularin range and her clients’ feedback.

The Big Book of Nail Diseases

Anke Niederau is a trained podiatrist with additional accreditation in managing
diabetes related foot issues. In her almost30 years of self-employed work in medical foot-care, she has amassed significant professional experience, which is clearly reflected in some 600 photographs contained in the book, many originating from her daily ‘hands-on’ clinic. Anke not only regularly presents at international trade conferences, but also lectures at pedicure schools & holds podiatry workshops.
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For quick reference & readability the 250-page content is presented in a disease-oriented structure. See full table of contents here >
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600+ high-quality, full colour images

Diagnosis of nail conditions is made easy thanks to the 600 full colour images. Step-by-step instructions, examples & case studies from the Author assist in deciding on treatment & prophylaxis. Check out some sample pages here >

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