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Key Benefits of Spirularin®HS Cold Sore Cream Explained (4 Mins)

Lesson 1 Chapter 1

Natural acute care OR proactive protection against cold sores, as well as extremely dry, cracked, or wind-burned lips

Spirularin HS cold sore cream with SPF-15
  • Clinically proven: 3x more effective against cold sores than acyclovir cream
  • Proactive protection of unique microalgae extract Spiralin® – naturally antiviral, antibacterial & cell-regenerative
  • 100% natural ingredients nourish lips – gentle enough for every day care or acute outbreaks - safe for the whole family
  • Added SPF15 protects against UV-damage – a common cold sore trigger
  • Acute care or prophylactic protection against cold sore outbreaks
  • Clear drying & neutral flavour

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