Spirularin® Range

Key Benefits of Spirularin® Gel Explained (5 mins)

Lesson 1 Chapter 1

Acute care & regeneration of extremely damaged/sensitive skin & feet (i.e. eczema, psoriasis, diabetic feet)

OR prophylactic protection against skin infections (e.g. Athlete's foot)

Spirularin Gel for sensitive skin
  • Clinically proven, naturally active antifungal & antibacterial action of Spiralin® microalgae extract
  • Active antimicrobial protection against secondary infections for extremely sensitive, damaged & allergic skin
  • Cell-regenerative properties of Spiralin® – accelerate healing & restore skin’s natural protection barrier
  • 100% natural, hydrating & soothing Gel formulation – smooth, economical application & fast absorption
  • Proactive care to prevent skin infections (i.e. Athelete’s foot)