Spirularin® Range

How Spirularin®NS Nail Serum Works (2 mins)

Lesson 2 Chapter 1

Alex Schenz, Director of Aesthetikonzept explains how the chitinase contained within the unique Spiralin® microalgae extract, provide effective antifungal protection for the skin and nails of even the most high-risk patients.

Key Active Ingredients of Spirularin®NS Nail Serum

Naturally active & scientifically proven

Spiralin® Microalgae Extract
Spirulina Platensis Extract
Spiralin® microalgae extract
  • Naturally active antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial & cell-regenerative properties

  • Antifungal + antibacterial properties ensure broader antimicrobial spectrum 

  • Scientifically proven at GEOMAR institue in Germany – one of world's leading institutes in marine sciences

  • Batch tested for guaranteed antimicrobial activity

  • Silver Molecules
    Silver Sulfate
    • Natural antifungal properties
    • Offers a broader antifungal spectrum to target different types of nail fungus
    Witch Hazel Leaf Extract
    Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract
    Witch Hazel Extract
    • Witch hazel is rich in tannins, a natural plant compound with powerful antioxidant properties that can help protect your skin against damage when applied topically
    • One  study found that tannins can act as a barrier, preventing inflammation-causing substances from entering your skin cells
    Jojoba Seed Oil
    Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
    Jojoba nut
    • Moisturises & hydrates nails
    • Nails require moisture otherwise they become brittle, weak & prone to infections
    • Jojoba seed oil's natural antifungal properties make it an ideal solution for Athlete's foot or other types of nail fungus
    • Deeply nourishing to nails, jojoba oil is able to repair damaged collagen matrix inside nail beds, improving strength & promoting nail growth

    Ingredients according to INCI-standard

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