Spirularin® Range

Praise from Professionals for Spirularin®NS Nail Serum

Lesson 6 Chapter 3

Clients are absolutely delighted

"Clients are absolutely delighted with the results they are getting with Spirularin products. They are spreading the word on their effectiveness in the treatment of recalcitrant warts and fungal infections. 

Our podiatrists are delighted that they have treatment options made from natural, effective ingredients with less invasive side effects. Spirularin products are quality products, with a natural base, that can be relied upon to deliver"

Julie Simon

My Family Podiatrist

South Australia

March 2018

The secret is being diligent with application

"We have been using the Spirularin range for close to a year now. The results with fungal nails and verrucae pedis have been amazing, with infections starting to clear within 4 weeks.
The products for nail and verrucae are so easy to apply, just rub into the skin or nail, that’s it, no fuss. The secret is being diligent with application."

Lynley Boyce

Boyce Podiatry

Hawke's Bay, NZ

August 2017

Most helpful in the treatment of Onychomycoses

"I have been using Spirularin products in my clinic for over a year now and have found them to be a most helpful inclusion in the treatment of Onychomycoses...
I have seen significant improvements in the texture and colour of nails when using the nail serum."

Julie Verma

Westleigh Podiatry

NSW - Australia

January 2018

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