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Foot Health Week: Steps To Better (Overall) Health

Foot Health Week, is celebrated in Australia annually in October to bring attention to the importance of maintaining healthy feet and the critical role podiatrists play in our well-being. The latest research by the Australian Podiatry Association reveals an unexpected connection between foot health and overall health, shedding light on the invaluable contributions of podiatrists and why and when you should pay a visit to one...

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The Unexpected (Life-Saving) Connection

While foot pain is the primary reason (59%) Australians visit podiatrists, the research uncovered an astonishing fact: nearly 39% of those who consulted a podiatrist for foot pain were unexpectedly diagnosed with other life-threatening health issues.

These issues ranged from circulatory problems (33%) and diabetes (25%) to gout (23%), heart problems (11%), and various other health concerns (7%). These findings underscore the vital role podiatrists play in overall health screening and early detection.

The Role Of Podiatrists

Despite the expertise of podiatrists in foot health, a significant portion of Australians (20%) still choose to see a general practitioner (GP) for foot pain. This suggests a need for greater awareness of the specialised knowledge and care that podiatrists can provide. Podiatrists are not just about managing foot pain; they are also dedicated to diagnosing underlying health conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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Patient Satisfaction

The research conducted by the Australian Podiatry Association also highlighted the high level of satisfaction among patients who had consulted podiatrists. An overwhelming 93% of those who sought help from a podiatrist reported being satisfied or extremely satisfied with their care.

Furthermore, 85% of individuals who had seen a podiatrist would enthusiastically recommend their services to friends and family based on their positive experiences.

Improved Mobility & Health

Another striking discovery from the research is that 91% of Australians experienced improvements in their condition and/or mobility after consulting a podiatrist. This demonstrates the transformative impact of proper foot care on overall well-being. By addressing foot issues, podiatrists not only alleviate pain but also enhance their patients' mobility and, consequently, their quality of life.

The Neglected Aspect: Footwear Advice

Surprisingly, despite the evident importance of foot health, a staggering 55% of Australians have never received advice on correct footwear. This oversight highlights the need for increased awareness about the crucial role that appropriate footwear plays in maintaining healthy feet. It's a simple yet effective way to prevent many common foot problems.

Foot Health Week is more than just an opportunity to pamper our feet; it's a reminder of the intricate connection between foot health and overall well-being.

The research by the Australian Podiatry Association shows that a visit to a podiatrist can be a life-saving decision, with many patients discovering previously undetected life-threatening health issues. It's clear that podiatrists are not just foot specialists but integral players in our overall health and mobility.

This October, let's celebrate Foot Health Week by taking a step towards better health. Whether it's seeking advice from a podiatrist, paying more attention to our footwear choices, or simply spreading awareness about the importance of foot health, we can all play a part in ensuring that everyone enjoys a pain-free and active life.

Your feet are the foundation of your body; take care of them, and they'll take care of you.

Still Unsure About Whether Something On Your Feet Or Lower Limbs Is "Normal"?

See A Podiatrist

If you spot any of the above issues, or suffer from foot pain while walking or running, it is a good idea to visit a healthcare professional such as a Podiatrist (foot/lower limb doctor), to have your personal situation assessed.

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