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Guide To An At Home Facial (From A Facialist)

Aesthetikonzept Founder and Director, Claudia Schenz is also a German-trained Facialist with almost thirty years experience. Specialising in skin revision and pampering facials in her appointment-only clinic Alegria Beautyfarm in Matakana, she shares her steps of how you can go about treating yourself to a spa-style at-home facial sure to make you and your skin feel its best...

Disclaimer: of course nothing quite compares to the “professional touch” of someone else massaging your face/head and neck, but a little self-care surely never hurt nobody... 🙂

1. Set the Mood

Begin by lighting some delicious scented candles, ideally the high quality, soy-wax kind, and getting your fluffiest robe on and towels ready.

Temperature and light also play a key role in setting the mood. So ensure it's toasty (not roasty!). Warmth will have a calm-inducing effect. Light should be dimmed and not direct. Claudia also recommends playing this calming Spotify playlist.

2. Take A Moment For Gratitude

Before starting anything else, take 10 deep breaths into your belly to get yourself centered and into the moment. Reminding ourselves that we are in comfortable homes, have food on our tables, are surrounded by loved ones, and healthy, often helps put things back into perspective.

3. First Cleanse - Remove Make Up

The first cleanse (yes, you will be doing a double cleanse...) should remove make up and any “topical” debris to ensure the second cleansing can get deeper into the pores. However we don't want to be doing any harsh rubbing, so a micellar cleanser like Biotulin be:clean is ideal.

Biotulin be:clean 4-in-1 Micellar Cleanser is applied to two cotton pads and gently wiped across the face to draw away make up. Micelles act like magnets to draw away dirt and make up, which wipes off without washing it back in your eyes...

4. Second Cleanse - Deep Clean

For this a gentle, foaming cleanser is ideal. The vegan, Swiss-made KOSHO Creamy Cleansing Mousse not only includes the unique, cell-protecting matcha extract, but also plant-based surfactants for a gentle, yet through cleansing. Rosemary and poplar bud extracts regulate sebum production to leave skin feeling balanced and not oily, but also not dry. 

Aesthetikonzept - KOSHO Creamy Cleansing Foam_Application

The Japan-inspired, Swiss-made KOSHO products have a light, uplifting scent which will already begin to engulf you with the KOSHO Creamy Cleansing foaming cleanser...

KOSHO Creamy Cleansing Foaming Cleanser

5. Exfoliation

Next it's time for exfoliation – again we don't want to be damaging the skin with micro-tears, so chemical exfoliators are generally a good idea but also not tolerated by everyone (especially without personalised, professional consultation...).

KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling exfoliation and mask is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, thanks to the biodegradable, micro-particles of rice and bamboo which are coated in precious oils to avoid micro-tears.

Exfoliation not only polishes the skin to ensure the nourishing ingredients applied afterward absorb up to 70% better, but the mechanical action of massaging the face also improves micro-circulation, for a brighter, more even skin tone.

KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling has an "oil-gel" consistency and is applied to dry, cleansed skin. Gently massage into the face and neck (avoiding eye area) for about a minute.

If you have sensitive skin: wash it off straight away, or leave it on as a mask for 15 mins. before rinsing.

If you have normal/oily skin: add some water to the “oil-gel” consistency already massaged in your face – and give your face another round of exfoliation (the oil-gel will turn into a milky emulsion). Then rinse with water and pat dry with a towel.

KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling

6. Mask & Snooze

With a beautifully blank (facial) canvas prepared, it's now time to pop on a mask, really relax and let some lush ingredients absorb (ideally in the bathtub – the steam from which will help ingredients go even deeper)...

Generally the mask should address your specific skin concerns (e.g. wrinkles, clogged pores, oiliness, dryness, acne etc.) if you aren't sure what you should be targeting you can't go wrong with a luxe Biotulin Bio Cellulose Face Mask, which should stay on for 30 minutes...

The bio cellulose material of Biotulin Bio Cellulose Face Masks fits to the face like a second skin (without drying out and peeling off!) and ensures optimal ingredient absorption of the unique, naturally active, clinically proven skin-smoothing and -plumping ingredients of Biotulin, as well as aloe vera for intense hydration. 

Extra tip: scoop out any remaining product from the sachet and massage into your neck and chest area. If you want to target lines in this area more proactively, try Biotulin Hans & Franz Cleavage Smoothing Lotion regularly (also has a wonderfully uplifting, citrus-based scent!)

7. Protect

Since each Biotulin Bio Cellulose Mask contains more than half a bottle of the same naturally active, clinically proven skin-smoothing & -plumping ingredients as the original Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, skin will already be ultra hydrated and saturated so there's no need to apply any more products.  

But if you have to go back outside for a walk, don't forget to apply a good SPF (this should be part of your daily skincare summer or winter, rain or shine!), or a moisturiser with UV-protection like these:

Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream_2021

A skin-smoothing day cream such as Biotulin UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream includes SPF30 UVA and UVB protection. 

KOSHO Smart Protection Cream

For a lighter, deeply active alternative, try: KOSHO Smart Protection Cream with natural UV-protection (i.e. without traditional UV-blocking chemicals/filters) equivalent to about SPF15.

If You Chose To Skip The Mask...

...or used one you already had at home, now is the time to start with the nourishing part: start layering serums and moisturisers (thinnest to thickest!). Whether that includes Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, KOSHO Full Hydration Serum with FOUR types of hyaluronic acid (!!!) or the naturally active, anti-ageing KOSHO Deep Regeneration Cream we will leave at your discretion! 🙂

Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel_2021

Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel - the natural, needle free alternative to injectables made famous by royals and celebrities.

KOSHO Full Hydration Serum

KOSHO Full Hydration Serum combines the unique, antioxidant rich matcha extract with four types of hyaluronic acid for an intense skin-plumping effect.

8. Glow!

Whether you're headed out, off to the supermarket or to bed, this at-home facial is sure to leave you and your skin looking and feeling its best!

Close your at-home facial ritual with a calming cup of rejuvenating, antioxidant-rich KOSHO Byuti Organic Matcha Tea.

In the world of tea, the production of matcha is by far the most elaborate: only around 300 tea farmers in Japan master the cultivation, with only about 20 percent of their harvest being exported, making matcha a rarity. Discover how to prepare matcha and its proven health benefits...

KOSHO Byuti Matcha Green Tea

Products For Your At-Home Facial

Biotulin be:clean 4-in-1 Micellar Cleanser

KOSHO Creamy Cleansing Foaming Cleanser


Creamy Cleansing

KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling


Multi-Effect Peeling

Biotulin Bio Cellulose Face Mask

Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream_2021

Biotulin UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream

KOSHO Smart Protection Cream

KOSHO Smart Protection Cream

Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel_2021


Supreme Skin Gel

KOSHO Full Hydration Serum


Full Hydration Serum

KOSHO Deep Regeneration Cream


Deep Regeneration Cream

Aesthetikonzept AU&NZ - KOSHO Byuti Matcha Tea

KOSHO Byuti Organic Matcha Tea

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