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KOSHO Matcha Effective Cosmetics

Rejuvenating Swiss Skincare Based On Unique, Organic Matcha Tea Extract

Innovative Swiss Skincare Based On Japanese "Green Gold Dust" For Skin Rejuvenation

The production of matcha is by far the most elaborate in the world of tea: only around 300 tea farmers in Japan master the cultivation. And only about 20 percent of their harvest is exported, making matcha a rarity. Four weeks before the fine youngest leaves are harvested by hand in May, the tea plantations are covered with opaque nets. This slows down the ripening time of the tea, which contributes to the special quality of matcha: With only ten percent of the actual sunlight available to the tea plants, a particularly high amount of chlorophyll is formed in order to carry out the vital photosynthesis even with little solar energy. The result is a bright green leaf that contains in addition to chlorophyll many valuable amino acids.

Naturally Effective Skin Cell Rejuvenation

The stimulating effect of organic matcha extract in the KOSHO Matcha Effective skincare range breaks the skin's natural ageing cycle. The extract’s high content of amino acids activates the production of important proteins such as collagen and elastin. These are deposited in the skin, support the weakened tissue and stimulate the cellular repair. The skin becomes firmer and more elastic. The high content of chlorophyll in turn has a detoxifying effect on the skin cells. It stimulates the transfer of oxygen to the cells and boosts blood circulation.

(Pro-)Actively Protects Cells Against Ageing

When matured with limited exposure to sunlight, green tea has the highest amount of antioxidants compared to other plants. Organic matcha extract is characterised by its high content of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This polyphenol accounts for about a third of its dry matter and is considered an antioxidant 100 times more potent than vitamin C. Due to further catechins and tea flavonoids in exclusive organic matcha extract, KOSHO Matcha Effective skincare provides natural protection against cell transformation caused by free radicals, against UV radiation and other harmful environmental influences.

Made In Switzerland, Suitable For Vegans

Of course like all products curated by Aesthetikonzept, KOSHO Matcha Effective Cosmetics do not contain any parabens, PEGs, silicones, paraffins, mineral oils or animal derived products, nor are they tested on animals.

Suzanne M. (58)

Auckland, Nz

I am used to using active skin care prescribed by my beauty therapist for my home routine, and over the years have used more than my fair share of high-quality products which always worked well for my skin...

However when I was introduced to Kosho, I really could see a major transformation in my skin after just a few weeks. I am addicted to the gorgeous, fresh, yet calming scent of the range.

I especially love the cleanser which feels and smells like a light matcha mousse - and the day and night moisturisers which are light despite feeling very nourishing. I am just in love with this range!

Discover The KOSHO Skincare Ritual

KOSHO Creamy Cleansing Foaming Cleanser

KOSHO Creamy Cleansing

Foaming Cleanser

The gentle KOSHO Creamy Cleansing Foaming Cleanser with plant-based surfactants frees skin from daily impurities and excess sebum, making it feel pleasantly refreshed and clean. During cleansing, skin is moisturised and protected against dryness. Extracts of rosemary and poplar buds regulate sebum production for a clear and fresh complexion. The exclusive organic matcha extract protects skin against harmful environmental influences from step one in the KOSHO skincare ritual. Skin feels fresh and soft, and the effect of the subsequent KOSHO care products is optimised.

KOSHO Full Hydration Serum

Kosho full hydration serum

KOSHO Full Hydration Serum with its unique combination of hyaluronic acids and exclusive organic matcha extract provides long-lasting moisture, extending into the deeper layers of the skin. The natural barrier function of the skin is reinforced by extracts from wheat germ and yeast, protecting it against moisture loss. Valuable plant extracts tighten facial features and provide a fresh and even complexion. The organic matcha extract protects the skin from harmful environmental influences.

KOSHO Eye Lifting Serum

Kosho eyelifting serum

KOSHO Eye Lifting Serum nourishes and acts within the deeper layers of the skin. Plant extracts from red algae, paracress, and of course the unique, organic matcha extract immediately lift the eye area for a fresher look, as well as a threefold effect:
– reduces muscle tension & firms the eye area
– inhibits the formation of new fine lines
– provides the skin with important antioxidants & protect against cell damage.

Precious tsubaki oil from the Japanese camellia is rich in omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and also moisturises the delicate eye area. Skin immediately becomes visibly firmer and its appearance years younger.

KOSHO Smart Protection Cream

KOSHO Smart Protection Cream

The luxurious KOSHO Smart Protection Cream with exclusive organic matcha extract naturally protects skin against daily UV exposure and from light-induced skin ageing.

Skin cells receive comprehensive protection and the natural skin barrier of the skin is strengthened. Japanese crocus reinforces the skin’s resilience, rejuvenates the skin structure and activates the production of collagen and elastin, mitigating wrinkles.

Long-lasting moisture and wonderfully nourishing oils leave the skin radiating with an even complexion.

KOSHO Deep Regeneration Cream

Kosho Deep Regeneration

The nourishing KOSHO Deep Regeneration Cream with exclusive organic matcha extract, Japanese crocus and precious oils activates the skin’s own repair system and provides intensive moisture. It visibly reduces wrinkles and improves the skin’s ability to absorb and store moisture. Working against the signs of ageing, it regenerates the skin deeply and gives it new vigour and energy. Japanese crocus activates the production of collagen and elastin through cellular communication, increasing the strength and elasticity of the skin. The skin looks younger, brighter and softer.

KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling

KOSHO Multi-effect peeling

KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling with organic matcha extract removes dead skin cells and impurities gently and effectively. 

The special oil gel which turns into a nourishing cream during use, already provides the skin with important antioxidants from the Matcha extract during peeling (can also be used as a exfoliating mask). Precious oils give the skin a velvety feeling and improve the skin’s appearance. After exfoliation the skin is smoother and can absorb up to 70 percent more of the active substances of the subsequent KOSHO Matcha Effective care products.

More Products To Complete The KOSHO Ritual

KOSHO Byuti Matcha Green Tea

KOSHO Byuti Organic Matcha tea

KOSHO Byuti Organic Matcha Tea is of pure origin, made from 100% organic matcha green tea, using only the finest leaves of the tea plant. With its high content of catechins, this mild tea supplies the body with sufficient antioxidants to effectively protect the skin against damage from free radicals. KOSHO Byuti Organic Matcha Tea also stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, thereby enhancing the uptake of active agents of any KOSHO Matcha Effective Cosmetics applied after consumption of the tea. Vibrant and invigorating, and at the same time relaxing: KOSHO Byuti Organic Matcha Tea restores balance and provides long-lasting, natural energy for body and mind.

Matcha Bowl & Chasen Whisk

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