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Three Mistakes To Avoid With Hyaluronic Acid For Healthy, Hydrated Skin

Surely you've heard hyaluronic acid hailed as THE anti-ageing ingredient in skincare! Why? Because it has the ability to bind huge amounts of moisture to the skin for a naturally plumper, smoother complexion.

But not only that, it is also well-tolerated by all skin types, combines well with other active ingredients and can be applied morning and night. However, for hyaluronic acid to work effectively, the following three application mistakes should be avoided...

In A Nutshell: 

Why Hyaluronic Acid Is So Great For The Skin

Hyaluronic acid in its various forms (also sodium hyaluronate as in Biotulin® products) is a humectant. This means that like a sponge it pulls water from its environment, to the upper layers of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid molecules can attract up to 1,000 times their own weight in water. This makes hyaluronic acid extremely effective at hydrating the skin. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid can help plumpen the look of fine lines and wrinkles too, for visibly smoother, firmer skin.

1. Not Applying Hyaluronic Acid To Damp Skin

Since hyaluronic acid draws moisture from its environment, we have to be sure that we are giving it a "moisture source" to draw into the skin from. Otherwise what can happen is that it pulls the moisture from your skin, which has the opposite effect and dries the skin out instead of hydrating it. 

Now you may be thinking: hang on, I was always told to apply Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel to cleansed, "DRY" skin, or KOSHO Full Hydration Serum to dry skin...

What we mean by that is that skin obviously shouldn't be dripping wet as this will just dilute all your precious, naturally effective ingredients. The ideal level of skin "dampness" is achieved by gently patting a towel over your freshly cleansed or showered face.

Of course you can also "fake" this dampness by using a facial mist or toner like KOSHO Smart Matcha Face Spray, or directly after a micellar cleanser and toner in one such as Biotulin® 4-in-1 Micellar Cleanser.

The Hyaluronic Acid Super-Boosters:

KOSHO Full Hydration Serum & 

Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel

KOSHO Full Hydration Serum
KOSHO Full Hydration Serum combines four types (!!!) of hyaluronic acid with KOSHO's uniquely rejuvenating organic matcha extract. The different forms/weights of hyaluronic acid ensures different layers of the skin can be reached. Magnolia Berry Extract in this serum reduces redness, while Prickly Pear Extract refreshes & hydrates the skin. 
Vegan & made in Switzerland.
Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel_2021
Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel includes the salt of hyaluronic acid; sodium hyaluronate. This can reach deeper layers of the skin (than regular hyaluronic acid), due to its lower molecular weight. The skin gel also includes spilanthol (extract from the paracress plant) to further reduce the appearance of mimic lines & wrinkles. 
Made In Germany.

2. Applying Hyaluronic Acid In The Wrong Order

According to experts, the general rule for applying serums, lotions and potions is: thinnest to thickest. Nothing changes here for our Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel which should always be the first product to be applied post-cleansing/toning UNLESS you are combining it with a course of Biotulin® faceLIFT ampoules, in which case the ampoule (which is also more watery than the skin gel) would be applied to the skin first. Then you will also have the perfect "damp" base for the skin gel.

For KOSHO Full Hydration Serum which includes four types of hyaluronic acid, application is best after a light spritzing of the face with KOSHO Smart Matcha Face Spray.

Best Underneath The Hyaluronic Acid Boosters:

Biotulin® faceLIFT 4-Week Ampoule Kit

& KOSHO Smart Matcha Face Spray

Biotulin® faceLIFT
 Biotulin® faceLIFT 4-Week Ampoule Facial Kit includes 20 ampoules to detox, hydrate, smoothen, and plumpen skin over a month (reserving weekends for exfoliation or masks) – including one week worth of short- & long-chained hyaluronic acid – for the ultimate skin reset.
Vegan & made in Germany.
KOSHO Smart Matcha Face Spray
KOSHO Smart Matcha Face Spray is also based on KOSHO's unique, rejuvenating organic matcha extract, as well as including microalgae extract, lime and bamboo hydrolates to refresh and hydrate the skin. The matcha extract also provides light, natural UV-protection.

3. Not Following Up Hyaluronic Acid With A Moisturiser

Now again, it's not only important what you apply underneath hyaluronic acid featuring products, but just as important what goes over top, as you want to ensure that lovely moisture is sealed in! KOSHO Deep Regeneration Cream or Biotulin® Daynite24+ Cream are ideal for application over top of Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel or KOSHO Full Hydration Serum and can be applied mornings and/or evenings.

Ideally you are ensuring proactive protection against skin-damage and -ageing by applying SPF every morning... That's why both our hyaluronic acid super-boosters also have perfectly compatible day creams including UV-protection: either Biotulin® UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream or KOSHO Smart Protection Cream.

Best Over Top Of Hyaluronic Acid Super-Boosters:

KOSHO Deep Regeneration Cream Or 

Biotulin® Daynite24+ Cream

KOSHO Deep Regeneration Cream

KOSHO Deep Regeneration Cream can be applied over top of KOSHO Full Hydration Serum (or Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel – of course you can mix & match our products!) morning & evening. Apart from the unique matcha extract with highest levels of antioxidants (100x higher than Vitamin C) for skin-rejuvenation, this cream also contains Japanese Crocus Extract to activates collagen & elastin production and more. Vegan & made in Switzerland.

Biotulin® Daynite24+ Cream is a skin-smoothing moisturiser which can also be applied morning or evening over top of KOSHO Full Hydration Serum or Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel . Apart from being based on the same natural, proven skin-smoothing ingredients as Biotulin skin gel (also including sodium hyaluronate), Biotulin® Daynite24+ Cream also features skin-nourishing Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter and plant-derived Squalane for a non-greasy, silky smooth feel. Made in Germany.

Best Over Top In The Mornings:

 KOSHO Smart Protection Cream Or

Biotulin® UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream

KOSHO Smart Protection Cream
KOSHO Smart Protection Cream also includes the powerful antioxidants of the KOSHO matcha extract and Japanese Crocus Extract, as well as Ectoin which is a natural ingredient providing natural UV-protection (about SPF15). This day cream also includes Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid. Vegan & made in Switzerland.
Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream_2021
 Biotulin® UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream also includes the same natural, skin-nourishing ingredients as in Biotulin® Daynite24+ Cream (Biotulin, Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter & plant-derived Squalane)as well as broad-spectrum UVA&UVB SPF30 protection. Made in Germany.

Products For Best Results With Hyaluronic Acid

KOSHO Full Hydration Serum


Full Hydration Serum

Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel_2021


Supreme Skin Gel

Biotulin® faceLIFT 20-Ampoule Facial Kit

Biotulin faceLIFT

4-Week Ampoule Facial Kit

KOSHO Smart Matcha Face Spray


Smart Matcha Face Spray

KOSHO Deep Regeneration Cream


Deep Regeneration Cream

Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin Daynite24+ Cream_2021


Daynite24+ Cream

KOSHO Smart Protection Cream


Smart Protection Cream

Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream_2021

Biotulin UV30

Daily Skin Protection Cream

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