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Natural UV-Protection Of Ectoin Extract In KOSHO Smart Protection Cream

In addition to the the powerful, plant-based skin-rejuvenating properties of KOSHO's unique, organic matcha extract, KOSHO Smart Protection (Day) Cream has another super-ingredient called ectoin up its sleeve – for truly natural UV-protection against UV-induced skin-damage & -ageing... 

Q: Where does "ectoin" come from?

Salt lakes and deserts are among the most hostile environments on earth. Despite these extreme conditions, highly adapted bacteria – so called extremophilic microorganisms – have managed to survive. This is thanks to a substance called "ectoin" which the bacteria produce to protect themselves against harmful environmental influences, including UV radiation.

How KOSHO Smart Protection Cream Provides Truly Natural UV-Protection:

1. Primary UV-Protection From Ectoin - From Inside The Cells

KOSHO's natural UV-protection is provided by ectoin extract. Ectoin molecules protect against UV-rays from inside the skin cells – and not only against UV-rays but also against dryness or stress. Ectoin is derived from natural, living bacteria (Halomonas Elongata), using biotechnology.

While this substance is also extracted in a laboratory, it is “natural” in the sense that it comes from naturally existing (non-genetically modified) bacteria and mimics a UV-protective process as can be found in nature.

2. Secondary UV-Protection From Organic Matcha Extract – Highest Antioxidants Protect Against Cell-Damage

KOSHO's unique matcha extract from organically grown matcha green tea plants (Camellia Sinensis) also provides secondary UV-protection, as the plants themselves carry a natural UV-protection.

Furthermore, matcha green tea has the highest amount of antioxidants compared to any plants.

KOSHO's organic matcha extract is characterised by its high content of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This polyphenol is considered an antioxidant 100x more potent than vitamin C.

Due to further catechins and tea flavonoids in KOSHO's unique matcha extract, KOSHO Smart Protection Cream provides natural protection against cell transformation caused by free radicals, UV radiation and other harmful environmental influences.

While this only provides "secondary" UV-protection, its free radical catching properties counteracts the cell-damage caused by UV radiation, which leads to ageing.

Q: Do I still need to apply sunscreen?

The natural UV-protection of KOSHO Smart Protection Cream would be equivalent to an SPF15. So while KOSHO Smart Protection Cream should not replace a sunscreen while outdoors for prolonged periods, it provides all-round light protection for the skin in a nourishing day cream, with a light, pleasant feeling.


Sunscreen or UV-protection minimises the effect of UV-exposure, however no amount of sunscreen will fully protect. Therefore – while some UV-light is necessary for the organism to produce vital Vitamin D – being mindful of UV-exposure particularly in Summer, is key. 

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