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Naturally Effective Relief For Facial Skin Conditions

The skinicer® Repair range was developed by leading Dermatologists for naturally effective relief for facial skin conditions (e.g. eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, "maskne" etc.) or extremely sensitive, easily irritable skin. Follow this step-by-step skinicer Repair ritual to calm & soothe skin ASAP and keep flare ups under control – naturally!...

Why The skinicer® Repair Range

Made in Germany with a unique extract of microalgae

skinicer Repair skin care range for sensitive skin & skin conditions
Spiralin® microalgae extract

The key ingredient of the innovative skinicer® Repair range is a unique extract of marine microalgae called Spiralin® After years of research by marine biologists, this specific strain of microalgae was discovered with naturally active antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, as well as cell-protective and -regenerative properties. 

Spiralin® in skinicer® Repair products protects broken, damaged skin against secondary infections from bacteria, fungi and virus.

Furthermore, Spiralin® in combination with low-irritant, 100% natural ingredients (organic where possible) nourish skin and  strengthen the skin's natural protective barrier. This results in less flare ups and healthier, calmer skin.

Developed with leading Dermatologist & Allergologist Prof. Dr. Kristian Reich

Internationally renowned Dermatologist and Allergologist, Prof. Dr. Kristian Reich, M.D. helped develop the skinicer® Repair skincare range. 

Prof. Reich is a partner at the Dermatologikum institute in Hamburg (Germany), where he practices with a focus on general dermatology, psoriasis, autoimmune disorders, neurodermatitis and allergology.

Aesthetikonzept - skinicer® Repair pH Neutral Cleanser Formulation

Step 1 (Daily, PM):

Cleanse Skin Extra Gently

Usually facial skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis cause dryness. However,  acne-prone skin or people with "maskne" or rosacea can still have oily skin. In either case it is essential that the skin is not stripped of its "natural" oils. This further disrupts the skin's natural protection barrier and balance (aka microbiome). For dry skin this results in more dryness, while oily skin can try to overcompensate, producing even more oil – balance is key! Therefore, try switching to an extra gentle cleanser which balances skin and doesn't require a toner, such as the pH neutral skinicer Repair Cleanser.

EXTRA TIP: In fact, ideally you only use a cleanser in the evenings to remove grime, make up (if you wear any) and sunscreen (which you should be wearing...), and only use lukewarm or cold water to refresh your face in the mornings.

skinicer Repair pH Neutral Cleanser cleanses gently, yet effectively thanks to natural coconut & organic willow bark extracts. Developed with leading Dermatologists to be suitable even for facial skin conditions, but can be used for any skin typeFree from: synthetic preservatives, silicones, mineral oils & fragrances. Made in Germany.

skinicer® Repair Cleanser

Step 2: Start With A Mask

Normally skinicer Repair Mask is applied 1-2x a week. However, if you are just starting your skinicer Repair ritual, then your skin is likely in need of some emergency TLC! Therefore we recommend that on your first night you start with this intensely nourishing mask after cleansing, for an extra portion of the Spiralin® extract ingredient to kickstart skin repair and healing. Unlike other cream masks, skinicer Repair Mask isn't washed off. Apply a thin layer of the mask, and gently wipe off excess after 30 minutes, for smoother and hydrated skin and so the ingredients can continue working their magic over night...

Aesthetikonzept - skinicer® Repair Cream Combination
skinicer® Repair Mask

The skinicer Repair Mask contains the highest concentration of the active Spiralin® extract in the skinicer® Repair range, for accelerated healing of damaged skin. Natural astringents such as organic willow bark & witch hazel extract mildly exfoliate for a more even skin tone and texture. Organic apricot kernel oil provides nourishing yet non-greasy moisture. The contained grape seed oil is antioxidant rich for skin rejuvenation. Free from: synthetic preservatives, silicones, mineral oils & synthetic fragrances. Made in Germany.

Step 2 (Daily, AM&PM): 

Moisturise & Protect

As we mentioned, the genius of the skinicer® Repair range lies in its simplicity. So this would usually be your second step after rising your face with lukewarm water in the mornings and cleansing with skinicer Repair pH Neutral Cleanser  in the evenings. If you have mature, dry or combination skin, then the skinicer Repair Cream is your care. If your skin is prone to oiliness or acne, try the skinicer Repair Serum instead.

skinicer® Repair Cream

skinicer Repair Cream not only protects skin agains irritation and inflammation but also helps smoothen and plumpen skin, thanks to antioxidant rich grape seed oil (20x stronger than Vitamin C & 50x stronger than Vitamin E). Willow Bark Extract calms inflammation & reduces the appearance of lines. Liquorice Root Extract provides anti-inflammatory to help soothe reddened skin. Made in Germany & free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, silicones & mineral oil-based ingredients.

skinicer® Repair Serum

Overproduction of oil tends to be more common in young adult/teenage skin but, even skin conditions including inflamed skin areas combined with oiliness can benefit from using the skinicer Repair Serum.

A betaine complex delivers moisture, while the percentage of oils in the formulation of skinicer Repair Serum is kept to a minimum (<10%).

Step 3 (AM): Sunblock!

It's especially tricky finding a sunblock for extremely sensitive skin. However, this really can't be an excuse to not use one. Claudia recommends seeing your local Beauty Therapist, Facialist or Dermatologist for a personalised recommendation which best suits your skin, lifestyle (working indoors or out), smell and texture preference. She guarantees: there is the perfect sunblock for everyone! 🙂

Scalp & Body Care: 

While this isn't part of your daily skinicer Repair ritual, many people who suffer from facial skin conditions also have issues on the scalp or body. For this, the skinicer Repair range also offers solutions with the Spiralin® extract. For an itchy, irritated scalp (or psoriasis on the scalp) try skinicer Soothing Shampoo. Remember: potentially not so "clean" ingredients from your regular shampoo will also wash down your body and get on your skin and could cause flare ups. 

skinicer® Sedative Shampoo

The naturally active, antimicrobial properties of Spiralin® contained in skinicer® Soothing Shampoo suppress the bacteria responsible for the itching, quickly providing soothing relief. Spiralin®'s cell-regenerative properties accelerate healing and restore the scalp's natural protection barrier.

Panthenol and chamomile extract calm the scalp while a betaine complex additionally supplies moisture to the dry scalp. Willow bark extract promotes gentle exfoliation of dandruff when the hair is being washed.

Natural coconut- and glucose-based surfactants ensure a first-class result. Wheat proteins add smoothness and shine to the hair.

Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Skin Gel_100ml_2021

Spirularin® Skin Gel was developed in cooperation with leading dermatologists, for the acute or proactive care of sensitive, dry, or damaged skin and feet which require more nourishment and protection than regular moisturisers, as well as active antimicrobial protection against infections like Athlete’s foot and tinea.

High-quality nurturing ingredients and an intensive moisturiser (Betaine complexes) stabilise an impaired skin barrier, which is particularly important for patients that are prone to infections (e.g. diabetes, injuries, old age, dry skin, eczema or psoriasis).

Next Steps...

Once you have gone through a round of skinicer Repair products for your daily skincare ritual and your skin has had a chance to asapt and heal, you have hopefully noticed improvements. In which case, you may like to stick with your skinicer Repair skincare.

However, if your skin has been feeling happy and your condition has been under control for a while, you have some other skin concerns you wish to target. 

While we don't recommend completely switching from one skincare range to another, you may wish to slowly start introducing  the other in one hit, try slowly introducing products.

For example you may wish to introduce an eye cream, such as Biotulin eyeMATRIX with Hemp Seed Oil, or the KOSHO Eye Lifting Serum with its unique, antioxidant-rich matcha extract.

Not sure whether you have a skin condition, sensitive skin, or skin concern? Then check out this handy guide.

Products For Your skinicer Repair Ritual

skinicer® Repair Cleanser

skinicer® Repair

pH Neutral Cleanser

skinicer® Repair Mask

skinicer® Repair


Aesthetikonzept - skinicer Repair Cream_2021

skinicer® Repair


skinicer® Repair Serum

skinicer® Repair


skinicer® Sedative Shampoo


Soothing Shampoo

Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Skin Gel_100ml_2021


Skin Gel


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