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Naturally Effective Solutions for Fungal Nails, Cold Sores, Warts & Skin Conditions

Developed in Germany in collaboration with leading podiatrists and dermatologists, the Spirularin® range is based on the key ingredient Spiralin®, an active extract of microalgae.

Active Antimicrobial Action

Hundreds of microalgae strains were screened in respect of their antimicrobial activities. Only Spiralin® proved a unique efficacy profile against fungi, virus and bacteria.

Ideal for Weak Immune-Systems

Due to the topical application of natural ingredients to targeted areas – without side effects, the Spirularin® range is ideal for people with weak or low immune-systems, such as children (3yrs+), the elderly, diabetics, or women during pregnancy or nursing.

Clinically Proven Results

Spirularin® products are already highly regarded by dermatologists and podiatrists worldwide, for their innovative approach to addressing warts (pain & wound free), as well as stubborn fungal infections.

Spiralin® – Millions of Years in the Making

Through millions of years of evolution, the marine microalgae Spirulina developed highly efficient protective mechanisms against threatening conditions such as aggressive UV rays, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Click the button below to find out more about Spiralin's unique antimicrobial and cell-regenerative properties:

JuliE Simon


Adelaide (SA)

Clients are absolutely delighted with the results they are getting with Spirularin products. They are spreading the word on their effecitveness in the treatment of recalcitrant warts and fungal infections. Our podiatrists are delighted that they have treatment options made from natural, effective ingredients with less invasive side effects. Spirularin products are quality products, with a natural base, that can be relied upon to deliver."

Discover The Spirularin® Range

Aesthetikonzept - Spirularin NS Fungal Nail Serum 10ml

Spirularin®NS Fungal Nail Serum

Natural, topical care and regeneration of fungal or damaged nails. Alternative to oral medication (synthetic fungicides) through a unique and active cosmetic extract. Broadspectrum antifungal and antibacterial protection of Spiralin®. Naturally nail-nourishing ingredients stabilise the natural protection barrier to reduce risk of reinfection.

Aesthetikonzept Spirularin Skin Gel 100ml


Intense moisturiser with the active antimicrobial protection of Spiralin® - protects damaged skin against secondary infections e.g. staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Suitable as acute, soothing relief of skin conditions (e.g. eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis), or as proactive protection against skin infections (i.e. Athlete's foot, on diabetic feet).

Aesthetikonzept Spirularin®VS Wart Cream


Painless and wound free removal of verruca warts. Spiralin protects all non-infected cells until all infected cells have disappeared. Warts are essentially “grown out” and removed without surgical or laser treatment. No open wounds - ideal for children (3+ years) or diabetics. Natural ingredients restore balance to wart-prone skin.

Aesthetikonzept - Spirularin HS Cold Sore Cream


Natural, acute or proactive protection against cold sore blisters. Clinically proven: 3x more effective against outbreaks of cold sores than acyclovir-containing creams. Spiralin® protects cells from the cold sore causing herpes simplex virus 1 to reduce outbreaks altogether. Lip nourishing, natural ingredients also make it suitable as daily lip care.

Spirularin® Cracked Heel Cream - warming or cooling

SPIRULARIN® Cracked Heel Cream

Spiralin® protects cracked, calloused skin from bacterial or fungal infections, while the cell-regenerative properties accelerate skin regeneration, for silky smooth heels. Available with a mild warming or cooling effect.

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