Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks®

Corrective care to delay surgery, or post-surgery support

  • Comfortable & discreet - suitable for daily wear with any shoes (incl. with orthotics/insoles)
  • Up to 24/7 bunion therapy - as daily pain/pressure-relief, or passive correction at night
  • Innovative taping technique - gentle pulling apart of the toes rather than adding pressure
  • Fuss-free - breathable & durable cotton, machine washable for hygienic wash & wear
Made in Germany from the following materials: 90% Cotton, 9% Polyamid, 1% Polyurethan
Please note: Each pack contains one pair of taping-socks. Tapes are shown here on outside of the socks for demonstrative purposes only - they are actually on the inside & thus invisible. For detailed product description & sizing, please see below.  
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