Spirularin Gel
Skin Gel

Natural moisturiser & active antimicrobial protection for skin conditions (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis etc.), or as proactive protection against skin infections (Athlete's foot,  diabetic feet etc.)

  • Clinically proven, naturally active antifungal & antibacterial action of Spiralin® microalgae extract
  • Active antimicrobial protection against secondary infections for extremely sensitive, damaged & allergic skin
  • Cell-regenerative properties of Spiralin® - accelerate healing & restore skin's natural protection barrier
  • 100% natural, hydrating & soothing Gel formulation – smooth, economical application & fast absorption
  • Proactive care to prevent skin infections (i.e. Athelete’s foot)
For detailed product description & videos, please see below. Contains 100ml of product
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Cracked Heel Cream

Warming or cooling care & protection of dry, cracked, calloused heels

  • Clinically proven, naturally active, antimicrobial action of Spiralin® - protects against infection
  • Cell-regenerative properties of Spiralin® - accelerates healing & restores skin's natural protection barrier
  • 20% urea moisturises & gently exfoliates thickened skin
  • 100% natural ingredients incl. Snow Mushroom & Magnolia Bark Extract - for intense moisture & nourishment
  • Available with either a pleasant warming or cooling effect
For detailed product description, please see below. Contains 75ml of product
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Spirularin Gel - Professional Size (500ml)
Spirularin® Gel Professional Size (500ml)

Finish off your treatments with Spirularin Gel

  • Give patients a feel for the light, silky & cooling formulation - encourage retail purchase
  • Intense hydration & active antimicrobial protection for extremely dry/damaged skin & feet
  • Perfect for high-risk & low/weak-immuno patients such as diabetics & the elderly
  • Only small amount of gel is required for large areas
  • Economical size - best value for use in clinic
  Contains 500 ml of product. N.B: Current design of pump dispenser varies slightly to image.
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