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Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks®

NZD $ 109.00

Limited time only – while stocks last: BUY 1 – GET 1 FREE

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Corrective care to delay surgery, or post-surgery support

  • Comfortable & discreet – suitable for daily wear with any shoes (incl. with orthotics/insoles)
  • Up to 24/7 bunion therapy – as daily pain/pressure-relief, or passive correction at night
  • Innovative taping technique – gentle pulling apart of the toes rather than adding pressure
  • Fuss-free – breathable & durable cotton, machine washable for hygienic wash & wear
Made in Germany from the following materials: 90% Cotton, 9% Polyamid, 1% Polyurethan

Please ensure you watch the sizing tutorial video below & measure your foot correctly, to ensure you order the correct size as these socks cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged.

Tapes are shown here on outside of the socks for demonstrative purposes only – they are actually on the inside & thus invisible.

Please note: these socks always come as a pair. For detailed product description & sizing, please see below.



Key Benefits of Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks®

Pull vs. Push
- The Innovative Taping Technique

Until now, non-invasive, non-surgical bunion relief "solutions" have been clumsy, awkward plastic contraptions. These push the toes into position, applying further pressure to already tender, painful bunions.
Developed and made in Germany, the design of the Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks® is based on the Japanese Tabi socks, where the big toe has a seperate pocket to the other toes.
However the real innovation comes with two specifically placed, integrated, non-adhesive and skin-friendly tapes. These gently pull - rather than push - the big toe away from the other toes, creating space to relieve pressure and pain, while actively aligning the big toe back into the correct position.

Comfortable, Discreet & Fuss-Free

Apart from their innovative and gentle taping technique, the main benefit of Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks® is their unprecedented comfort compared to alternative bunion relief or correction therapies. Apart from the gentle pull, they look and feel just like regular dress socks.
This means Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks® can be worn anytime, with any shoes, slippers or orthotics, and as tabi socks - even with jandals! It is entirely up to you for how many hours a day you wear the socks, and nobody will even be able to tell you are taking care of your bunion.
Made from breathable, and durable cotton, the Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks® are machine washable at 40°C for hygienic, and fuss-free wash and wear. While the elastane tapes inside the socks are skin-friendly, meaning less chance of skin irritations from latex or silicone.
Bunion-Relief-Correction-Taping-Socks with Tabi-toes

Wearing Time = Therapy Time
(up to 24/7)

While correctly fitted shoes and orthotics can help relieve pressure caused by bunions, these aren't usually worn all day (and night). As the Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks® do not constrict movement of the toes or circulation, they can be worn all day - and even at night, for passive correction of bunions.

Corrective Care or Post-Surgery Support

As the Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks® can be worn as 24/7 therapy, the toes are gently, yet actively being pulled back into the correct alignment. This means the socks can be worn as corrective care to counter the misalignment of the foot, to delay surgery. Furthermore, Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks® can also be worn after bunion surgery, to give the feet added support.

Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks®

Bunion relief & correction socks with integrated taping bands, which can be worn discreetly day-round (the inside tapes are shown here on outside of the socks for demonstrative purposes only).

Determining The Perfect
Taping-Sock® Size For Your Feet

How to measure your feet correctly:

As the Bunion Relief & Correction Taping-Socks® correct Hallux Valgus by actively pulling apart the big toe from the other toes, it is essential you select the correct Taping-Sock® size, to ensure there is sufficient pulling action.
While it is not possible to "overcorrect" a bunion, the pull should not be so strong that it becomes painful. Check out how to measure your feet correctly in this video, to discover your perfect Taping-Sock® size. As feet can have different lengths, this exercise should be repeated on both feet, and the median measurement taken to select your perfect Taping-Socks®.

What does a Hallux Valgus / bunion look like? staff (2014)

Misalignment of the Forefoot / Big Toe

Hallux valgus, more commonly known as a bunion, is one of the most common misalignments of the forefoot and toes. In general, it is a condition affecting more women than men.
This is due to womens' tendency to squeeze their feet into tight, high-heeled shoes, although it is also likely to occur in those with a hereditary predisposition or who have weakened connective tissue (due to e.g. pregnancy, medication, obesity).
The joint of the big toe on the inner edge of the foot visibly sticks outwards, while the big toe itself points towards the middle toes. A definite tilting of the big toes is often already diagnosed during adolescence in girls.
Hallux Valgus is a progressive condition - meaning it worsens with age. If left untreated, bunions can cause uncomfortable pressure, pain, and limited mobility, even leading to hammer toes and osteoarthritis in the base joint of the big toe.
We recommend you always see a lower limb professional, like a podiatrist to have your feet properly assessed.


Weight 30 g
Your foot length (in cm)

21.0 – 22.5cm, 22.6 – 24.0cm, 24.1 – 25.5cm, 25.6 – 27.0cm, 27.1 – 28.0cm, 28.1 – 29.5cm, 29.6 – 31.0cm

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