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Spirularin® Skin Gel

NZD $ 15.50NZD $ 31.40

Acute hydration & active antimicrobial protection for damaged skin (incl. eczema/ dermatitis, psoriasis) or proactive protection against infections (e.g. Athlete’s foot, diabetic feet)

  • Naturally active, clinically proven antiviral, antifungal & antibacterial action of Spiralin® microalgae extract – actively protects damaged skin against infections (incl. against MRSAs/staphylococcus aureus)
  • Cell-regenerative properties of Spiralin® – accelerates healing & restores skin’s natural protection barrier
  • 100% natural, low-irritant ingredients incl. organic coconut & rosemary oils – for a light, refreshing scent
  • Practical, fast-absorbing & economical gel formulation – developed with leading Dermatologist

  • Spiralin® Microalgae Extract: provides unique, active antimicrobial protection for the skin, thanks to clinically proven antimicrobial properties (including against virus, fungi &  bacteria) as well as having cell-regenerative properties
  • Organic Coconut Oil: moisturises skin & helps the skin retain moisture, as well as also having antimicrobial benefits
  • Rosemary Oil: provides a light, refreshing scent

Gently apply a thin layer of Spirularin Skin Gel onto clean, dry skin on areas of concern. Up to twice daily.

Spirularin Skin Gel can also be applied as proactive protection against skin infections such as Athlete’s foot (also twice daily), or combined with Spirularin NS Nail Serum for fastest & best results when regenerating fungal nails.

Due to the active nature of the Spiralin microalgae extract, some people may experience a light tingling (not burning) sensation. In this case you may want to slowly introduce application, by applying the skin gel every second day to begin with.

Very satisfying for very dry skin

I picked up the gel from my podiatrist and often order it in between. I am super happy with it! I really suffer from very, very dry skin & it cracks easily. After a brief time of regular (daily) application there was already a significant change (both how it felt & visually). It absorbs quickly & isn’t sticky.” – Sophie C., Christchurch (NZ)

Made in Germany with 100% natural ingredients. No animal testing.

For detailed product description & videos, click here or see below.


Key Benefits of Spirularin® Gel 

For the natural care & regeneration of skin conditions & infections.

Spirularin® Gel was developed in cooperation with leading dermatologists, for the prophylactic care of sensitive, dry skin and cracked heels/feet, which require more nourishment and protection than regular moisturisers, as well as active protection against infections like Athlete’s foot and tinea.

Spiralin® is an active microalgae extract which protects human skin cells with its broad anti-microbial profile against harmful bacterial, fungal and virus infections. This natural microbial activity improves the natural skin barrier and thus largely prevents re-infection, like that of Athlete’s foot, tinea, etc.

High-quality nurturing ingredients and an intensive moisturiser (i.e. Betaine complexes) stabilise an impaired skin barrier, which is particularly important for patients that are prone to infections (e.g. diabetes, injuries, old age, dry skin, eczema or psoriasis).

Highly recommend to anyone suffering from any kind of skin problems

For almost a year I had an eczema type rash on my left hand from the top of my middle finger to my thumb. It was bright red, angry and easily more irritated by any skin care/chemicals. As I work in hospitality, I was worried about how it looked and it made me less confident serving customers...I went to the doctors numerous times and they sent me away with no answers to what was causing it and gave me steroid creams - which did not help at all.

Within days of using Spirularin Gel I saw change and less irritation, it completely soothed the rash. After using the gel everyday, each chance I had, it has now completely gone. My hand is clear of any rash or sign that it was ever there. I continue to use Spirularin gel as it’s a perfect hydrator for my skin. I have even recommended it to a friend who was having skin problems and within days, the skin was soothed and clearing.

I love this product because it is natural, no use of harmful chemicals and was also surprised how reasonable the pricing is. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from any kind of skin problems. It makes a huge difference in a short amount of time!"

Lydia L.

Auckland, NZ

Spirularin Gel for sensitive skin

Ingredients (according to INCI standard)

Application Benefits of
Spirularin® Gel

  • Apply 2x daily (morning & night) to all affected skin areas
  • Avoid contact with the eyes

Suitable as acute care & relief of skin conditions OR as proactive protection against skin infections.

I am finally able to show my feet

I was very surprised, but now all the happier. Until now my feet have always been a bit of a sight, but in combination with the Nail Serum, I am finally able to show my feet again. All the cracks are gone!

The gel has a nice, clear consistency and absorbs quickly. Its smell isn't completely neutral, but it's effective."

Anna M.

Sydney, AU

Very satisfying for very dry skin

I picked up the gel from my podiatrist and often order it in between. I am super happy with it! I really suffer from very, very dry skin & it cracks easily. After a brief time of regular (daily) application there was already a significant change (both how it felt & visually). It absorbs quickly & isn't sticky."

Sophie C.

Christchurch, NZ

Quick improvement

Absorbs super quickly and without residue. I bought it as I had such dry feet. After a short time & regular application they had already improved."

Uko N.

Auckland, NZ

Gel is awesome!

Thanks so much. The gel is awesome! I will definitely recommend. My feet are back in a great condition thanks to the gel." 

Marlene B.

Hamilton, NZ

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