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The Big Book of Nail Diseases
by Anke Niederau

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Cause, Podiatry Diagnosis, Therapy, Prophylaxis

The author Mrs Anke Niederau is a trained podiatrist with additional accreditation in managing diabetes related foot issues. In her almost 30 years of self-employed work in medical foot-care, she has amassed significant professional experience, which is clearly reflected in some 600 full-colour photographs, many originating from her daily ‘hands-on’ clinic. These illustrate numerous cases and application methods in detail and therefore provide benefit to all health-professionals wanting to increase their treatment competence.
For easy readability the 250-page content is presented in a disease-oriented structure to provide a user-friendly format and allow for easy reference. Lastly the author not only is a regular presenter at international trade conferences, and lecturer at pedicure schools, but also openly shares her knowledge in many webinars.

Published in Germany already in its 3rd edition, this highly regarded book serves as a reference for professional podiatrists and other interested health professionals alike, and finally has been translated into English for the first time now.

Following the recent book release (2018, 3rd edition, 1st English translation) Aesthetikonzept can offer this compendium to interested parties in Australia & New Zealand at an introductory price;
for additional information or to order please contact us.

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