Aesthetikonzept is the exclusive importer and distributor in Australasia for the following brands:

Spirularin marine micro algae extract


Developed in cooperation with leading podiatrists and dermatologists, the Spirularin range presents natural, dual-action solutions for cold sore prone lips, wart prone skin, fungal nails and for sensitive/dry skin or feet. Based on a innovative extract of active microalgae called Spiralin, with unique antiviral, antifungal & antibacterial, as well as cell-regenerative properties.
Spirularin  works – naturally!


The natural alternative to BOtulinum TOXin injections. One of the main active ingredients of Biotulin is Spilanthol, a local anesthetic extracted from the paracress plant, reducing facial muscle contraction and relaxing the facial features – for visibly smoother, firmer skin with no risks or side-effects.

skinicer ocean kiss lipsticks

skinicer® ocean kiss

These unique natural lipsticks were specifically formulated for sensitive lips, lips prone to infections or cold sores. Unlike conventional lipsticks, which can often spread bacteria, skinicer ocean kiss lipsticks harness the natural antiviral, antibacterial & antifungal, as well as collagen-boosting and cell-regenerative properties of the microalgae extract Spiralin, to help minimise re-infection of the lips. Ideal in combination with Spirularin HS lip cream, to help reduce outbreaks of cold sores.

skinicer oxyperm permeable nail polish

skinicer® oxyperm

Let your nails breathe with the world’s first permeable nail polish with the antifungal & antimicrobial protection of Spiralin! skinicer oxyperm is made with an innovative vegan-silk ingredient that allows oxygen and moisture to pass through. This not only prevents yellowing of the nails, and keeps healthy nails healthy, but also works perfectly in combination with the Spirularin NS nail serum to regenerate damaged or fungal nails.