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Skinicer Oxyperm – Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the tabs below to learn more about the unique skinicer® oxyperm permeable nail polish with Spiralin®.


[pane title=”Why should I use a permeable nail polish and let my nails breathe?” start=open]

Nails need oxygen to stay healthy and strong. Conventional nail polish not only contains many nasty chemicals, but forms a complete barrier on top of the nails, sealing off their oxygen supply.

This can cause healthy nails to yellow, stain, and become brittle and weak, as well as damaging the nail’s natural protection barrier. This in turn makes nails more prone to (fungal) infections.

In the case of already damaged or fungal nails – “hiding” these with conventional nail polish is one of the worst things for them, as this creates the perfect environment for the fungus to thrive in, further worsening their condition.
[pane title=”I have healthy nails, so should I only be using skinicer oxyperm nail polish if I have damaged/fungal nails?”]

Not at all! In fact – skinicer® oxyperm will help keep your nails healthy, strong and without stains or discolouration.

Possible scenarios to use skinicer® oxyperm are:

1) for healthy nails: to keep nails healthy & strong, prevent yellowing & as prophylactic protection
2) for fungal nails: to ‘hide’ unsightly nails without worsening their condition, while being able to regenerate them with Spirularin®NS nail serum

[pane title=”What makes skinicer® oxyperm better than other permeable nail polish?”]

Skinicer® oxyperm nail polish is not only water-based and permeable, but also the first and only nail polish in the world to contain Spiralin® – a unique extract of marine microalgae.

Spiralin® has clinically proven, natural antifungal, antibacterial, and cell-regenerative properties, which means added protection for nails.

Naturally, skinicer® oxyperm is also 11-free – i.e. free of any of the usual “nasties” found in conventional nail polish like:

  1. Formaldehyde
  2. Formaldehyde resin
  3. Tosylamides (TSF)
  4. Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP)
  5. Di-Butyl / Phthalates (DBP)
  6. Toluene
  7. Camphor
  8. Xylene
  9. Parabens
  10. Fragrances
  11. or animal derived or tested ingredients.



[pane title=”Why is skinicer® oxyperm made with a vegan silk? How is this produced?” start=open]
The secret behind skinicer® oxyperm’s permeability is its unique mesh-like structure made of silk biopolymers.

This innovative vegan silk structure, is produced in Germany with sophisticated microorganisms, making it a “artificial silk” that is free of animal ingredients and without animal testing.

Scientific studies proved, that even with up to seven layers of skinicer® oxyperm nail polish, sufficient oxygen and moisture were still able to pass through. The recommended application of skinicer® oxyperm nail polish consists of four coats: base coat, two coloured coats, and topcoat.

[pane title=”If I do have damaged/fungal nails, will skinicer oxyperm nail polish sort them out?”]
To address existing fungal infections or to nourish brittle/damaged nails, skinicer oxyperm nail polish should be combined with Spirularin®NS nail serum.

This is because Spirularin®NS contains a higher concentration of Spiralin® to target fungal (and bacterial) infections, as well as natural silver sulphates for highest efficacy against fungal infections.

Generally keep in mind, that due to their Spiralin® content, the entire Spirularin® range has a natural triple action against microbial and fungal infections, while also nourishing and restoring the natural protection barrier of nails and skin, to minimise the risk of a reinfection.
[pane title=”Can I use other antifungal nail treatments with skinicer® oxyperm?”]
Skinicer® oxyperm permeable nail polish was specifically formulated to allow water-based products like the Spirularin®NS nail serum to pass through.

Since most antifungal solutions are oil-based, they are not compatible with skinicer® oxyperm nail polish.

Therefore, should you wish to use another antifungal treatment, we recommend to do this without skinicer® oxyperm nail polish, as we cannot comment about their compatibility and efficacy.



[pane title=”Can I share my skinicer® oxyperm nail polish with other people?” start=open]

Although skinicer® oxyperm nail polish contains Spiralin® – which is naturally antifungal and antibacterial – it is never good practice to share nail polish, as even with skinicer® oxyperm there is still a risk of cross-contamination between healthy and fungal nails.

Should you wish to visit a nail salon to have your nails done, we strongly recommend always taking your personal bottles of nail polish, to avoid contracting or spreading fungal nail infections.

This is because spores from the fungus can sit in the brushes of nail polish, which may then be applied to your healthy nails, or passed onto the next person from your fungal nails.

[pane title=”Why is skinicer® oxyperm only available in two colours?”]
Skinicer® oxyperm nail polish was mainly developed as a solution for people with damaged/fungal nails to be able to wear nail polish and beautify their yellowed or cracked nails, while regenerating them with the Spirularin®NS nail serum.

Therefore there are currently only the Classic Red or Dark Red colours available, as these are the two most popular shades that hide unsightly nails.
[pane title=”Why do I need a special skinicer® oxyperm nail polish remover? And why isn’t this available in Australia?”]

Due to the innovative vegan silk structure of skinicer® oxyperm, ideally it is removed with the specifically formulated skinicer® oxyperm remover.

Furthermore, skinicer® oxyperm remover is acetone-free. This makes it much gentler on nails and cuticles in general, but is particularly important for already damaged/fungal nails, as it will not dry out the nails.

Unfortunately we are currently not able to ship skinicer® oxyperm remover to Australia, as it is classed as a “flammable liquid” by our air cargo partners. We apologise for this inconvenience. Please note: it is perfectly safe to take your skinicer® oxyperm remover on holiday with you! 😉

For our Australian clients we recommend a high-quality, acetone-free remover. While this will not be as effective as the specially formulated skinicer® oxyperm remover, it will not damage the nails as much as regular removers.

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