Skinicer Oxyperm Permeable Nail Polish


Let your nails breathe – with the world’s first permeable nail polish with Spiralin®

skinicer® oxyperm permeable nail polish is made in Germany, with a innovative vegan silk ingredient that allows air and moisture to pass through. Furthermore, skinicer® oxyperm contains the patented microalgae extract Spiralin with proven antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and cell-regenerative properties.

This acts as prophylactic protection for healthy nails. skinicer® oxyperm protects healthy nails without yellowing or staining, and is ideal for hiding fungal nails during regeneration without worsening their condition and allowing Spirularin®NS nail serum to pass through to target underlying infections.

How skinicer® oxyperm works:

skinicer oxyperm permeable nail polish


  • The unique net-like structure of skinicer® oxyperm is stabilised by vegan silk, allows air and moisture to pass through
  • This not only allows nails to breathe, avoiding a glasshouse-like situation which can trap moisture and worsen nail infections
  • A scientific study proved that even with 4 layers of polish – i.e.: 1 base coat, 2 colour coats + 1 top coat, skinicer Oxyperm still allowed air & moisture to pass through

Recommended Application:

skinicer oxyperm Base+Topcoat can be applied on its own as a clear nail polish, to add shine and help protect nails, or smoothen a damaged nail surface. Coloured skinicer oxyperm however, should always be applied in combination with skinicer oxyperm Base+Topcoat. This ensures a silky smooth finish and a longer lasting result.

skinicer oxyperm Base+Topcoat clear nail polish

Layer 1: skinicer oxyperm Base+Topcoat

to smoothen the nail structure

skinicer oxyperm permeable nail polish

Layer 2 & 3: skinicer oxyperm Dark Red or Classic Red

ideally two coats for optimal coverage

skinicer ocean kiss lipstick

Layer 4: skinicer oxyperm Base+Topcoat

to seal colour, create a silky smooth finish & make it last


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Spirularin NS & Spirularin Gel

For damaged or fungal nails:

Combine with Spirularin NS nail serum & Spirularin Gel


  • Once skinicer oxyperm polish has completely dried (ideally over night), distribute ONE drop of Spirularin®NS nail serum between all ten nails (hands or feet).
  • Massage into nails and the surrounding cuticles, twice daily (morning & night).
  • Use Spirularin Gel as your moisturiser for hands/feet, as this is also water-based and will not interfere with the results of Spirularin NS.
  • As Spirularin Gel also contains the antifungal & antimicrobial properties of Spiralin, the skin on hands/feet will also be protected & the natural protection barrier restored.
  • Continue use of Spirularin NS until infected nail/s has completely regrown.
  • skinicer oxyperm may be applied as often as desired, although should be removed and refreshed every two weeks at latest.


Optimal Removal of skinicer oxyperm nail polish:


  • Skinicer oxyperm nail polish should be removed/refreshed every two weeks at latest
  • We strongly recommend the use of skinicer oxyperm Remover
  • This was specifically formulated to remove the unique ingredients & vegan silk structure of skinicer oxyperm nail polish and at the same time nourish the nail
  • As well as being acetone-free and much gentler on the nails…
  • Don’t use a remover with acetone, as this is too harsh on your nails
  • Soak a cotton pad with skinicer oxyperm Remover
  • Place this on the nail and allow to soak into the polish for 2-4 mins. per nail
  • Wipe off
  • Of course you can soak and apply several cotton pads at once and apply to each of the nails to speed up the process

Removal of skinicer oxyperm permeable nail polish


The Science Behind skinicer® oxyperm

The secret behind oxyperm’s permeability is its unique web-like structure made of silk biopolymers. Studies showed that even with the recommended four
layers of skinicer oxyperm nail polish (base coat, two coloured coats, and topcoat), air and moisture were able to pass through.

The innovative polymers, which are produced in Germany with sophisticated microorganisms, also received the Vegan Society tick of approval, confirming that this “artificial silk” is free of animal ingredients and that no animal testing is used.


skinicer oxyperm Base+Topcoat clear nail polish
skinicer oxyperm Base+Topcoat


skinicer oxyperm Classic Red nail polish
skinicer oxyperm Classic Red


skinicer oxyperm Remover (acetone-free)
skinicer oxyperm Dark Red


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