skinicer Repair skin care


skinicer Repair skin care range for sensitive skin & skin conditions

Dermatologist-developed, natural skin care with active antimicrobial protection of Spiralin® for problematic, sensitive or damaged skin, or skin conditions (e.g. eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis)


The natural skinicer® Repair skin care range was specifically developed for problem skin in the face and neck area. The key ingredient of the innovative skinicer® Repair range is a unique extract of marine algae, called Spiralin® with broad natural – scientifically proven – antimicrobial, as well as cell-regenerative properties.

The skinicer® Repair range combining Spiralin® with high-quality, naturally nourishing plant-based ingredients (organically sourced where possible), offers uniquely effective topical solutions for varying skin issues.

The clinical development of the skinicer® Repair range was supported by leading dermatologist Prof. Dr. med. Kristian Reich and the Dermatologikum in Hamburg.

For daily care and protection of younger, or oily problem skin, the pH neutral skinicer® Repair Cleanser is recommended in combination with the skinicer® Repair Serum.

For mature, dry or combination skin, daily care and protection with the skinicer® Repair Cream is recommended in combination with skinicer® Repair Cleanser. The skinicer® Repair Mask provides a highly concentrated treatment for the accelerated regeneration of damaged skin, and best possible results.

In a month long application study with 20 volunteers suffering from neurodermatitis, and particularly sensitive problem skin, 15 ranked skin care with the skinicer® Repair skin better than care with previously know products. Five volunteers ranked skinicer® Repair equal to other brands.

The skinicer® Repair range was awarded ‘Product of the Year’ in 2014 by by the (German) trade journal ‚Ästhetische Dermatologie‘ (trans. Aesthetic Dermatology).

The skinicer® Repair Range

Naturally active skin care for problematic, sensitive skin on face & neck


skinicer® Repair Cleanser

skinicer® Repair Cleanser

pH neutral daily cleanser for sensitive, damaged skin

skinicer® Repair Serum

skinicer® Repair Serum

Daily care & protection for sensitive, younger, problematic or oily skin


skinicer® Repair Cream

skinicer® Repair Cream

Daily care & protection for sensitive, mature, combination or dry skin


skinicer® Repair Mask

skinicer® Repair Mask

1-2x weekly treatment for accelerated regeneration of sensitive, damaged skin

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What makes the skinicer® Repair range so innovative?

Active Antimicrobial Protection of Spiralin®

The natural protection barrier of extremely sensitive skin, or with skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis is impaired. While typical (medicated) creams such as steroid creams soothe symptoms such as itchiness, they do not provide active protection. Steroid creams or ointments merely add an extra layer to “protect” damaged skin.

Secondary infections from Staphylococcus aureus bacteria are of particular concern when it comes to already sensitive, damaged skin. These can worsen already frustrating symptoms such as irritation, inflammation and itching.

Thanks to the unique micro algae extract Spiralin® – with its scientifically proven protection against virus, fungi and bacteria (including drug-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus), the skinicer® Repair range provides active antimicrobial protection, essential for skin where the natural protection barrier is impaired.

Accelerated Cell-Regeneration – Restores Natural Skin Barrier

Apart from its antimicrobial properties, the Spiralin® extract also proved cell-regenerative properties, including its ability to regenerate damaged skin cells by up to 50%. It also showed to stimulate collagen production in human skin cells by up to 36%. While collagen gives skin its firmness, the cell-regenerative properties of Spiralin® in the skinicer® Repair range assists in restoring the natural skin protection barrier.

Low-Irritant Formulations – Naturally Soothing & Nourishing Ingredients

skinicer® Repair formulations contain naturally nourishing, soothing  ingredients such as organic coconut oil, shea butter, liquorice root and willow bark extract. Plant-derived ingredients, organically sourced where possible, result in low-irritant formulation and avoids steroid creams to soothe skin.

Skinicer Repair products are Made in Germany to highest industry standards, and are free from synthetic preservatives, silicones, animal-derived, or mineral oil-based ingredients.

Developed With Dermatologists – Successful Since Over 8 Years

The skinicer® Repair range was developed in collaboration with internationally renowned Dermatologist and Immunologist Prof.Dr. Kristian Reich. Prof. Dr. Reich is partner at the Dermatologikum Hamburg/Berlin, which sees some 70,000 specialist cases a year. There he has been using skinicer® Repair products on his patients successfully since over eight years.

Spiralin® microalgae extract


skinicer® Repair

Naturally active products for problematic, sensitive skin on body & scalp

skinicer® Repair Balm

skinicer® Repair Balm

Soothing after-shave care & antimicrobial protection of skin


skinicer® Sedative Shampoo

skinicer® Sedative Shampoo

Soothing relief & restoration of itchy, irritated scalp


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