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Steps To Getting The Best Results From The Biotulin Skincare Ritual

Whether you have already been using the Biotulin skincare products for years, or whether you have just started: follow this step-by-step guide of the Biotulin skincare ritual with tips & tricks to getting the best results with your Biotulin products...

Step 1: Cleanse (and Tone) Skin

The water-based Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel was specifically formulated to get to the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore the skin gel must always be applied as the first layer, directly to cleansed skin. Whether you prefer a gentle foaming cleanser, or a micellar cleanser is up to you - however key is that makeup, dead skin cells, or products from the day or night before are removed. Ideally your cleanser also tones skin such as the Biotulin be:clean 4-in-1 Micellar Cleanser with nourishing hemp seed oil & witch hazel to tighten pores while leaving the skin feeling comfortably clean and ready for the gel.

Q: Biotulin be:clean cleanser contains hemp seed oil, how come this oil can be applied under the skin gel?

Hemp seed oil is considered a "dry" and most importantly non-comedogenic oil. Meaning it does not sit on top of the skin and seal the skin, such as for example coconut oil. Furthermore it absorbs and still allows the skin gel to be absorbed by the skin as well. Learn more about the natural skin benefits of hemp seed oil here.

Step 2: Smoothen & Plumpen

Next it is time for Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel - the natural, needle free alternative to injectables. Squirt a lentil to raisin-sized portion of the skin gel onto your fingertips and gently massage the skin gel into any areas you wish to target such as forehead and frown lines, crow's feet around the eyes, lip lines etc. Massage in a circular motion until the skin gel has been absorbed. Some people may then experience a tightening, tingling sensation of the skin - this is in fact the facial muscles relaxing and normal. If you don't feel this, not to worry - you may just have thicker skin or not be as sensitive. The product will still work on the muscles.

Aesthetikonzept - Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel + eyeMATRIX Eye Cream

Step 2 & A Half: 

All About The Eyes

If you are specifically wanting to target lines and wrinkles around the eyes or are prone to puffy eyes and dark shadows - your next step would be to follow up the skin gel with the Biotulin eyeMATRIX Eye Cream. While containing many of same the ingredients as the Daynite24+ or UV30 creams, its formulation is lighter, so as to absorb more quickly and avoid "creeping" of the cream into the eyes. Furthermore it also includes hemp seed oil to reduce redness, puffiness and strengthen the sensitive skin around the eyes. If you are not too bothered about your eye-area, you can skip this step and go straight to...

Step 3: 

Moisturise & Protect

Last but certainly not least, Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel must always be followed up with a moisturiser. This is because a key ingredient in the skin gel is sodium hyaluronate - a form of hyaluronic acid. This builds up with regular application to push out the deeper lines and wrinkles. However it requires moisture to do this. It is essential that you apply a moisturiser after the skin gel, as otherwise the moisture will be drawn from the skin instead.

Aesthetikonzept - Biotulin® Daynite24+ Cream

You can use any moisturiser, or for best results: combine with the Biotulin Daynite24+ Cream which is based on Biotulin ingredients as well as natural, skin-nourishing ingredients such as grapeseed oil, Shea butter & plant-derived squalane for a silky smooth, non-greasy feel.

Of course SUN BLOCK is essential in the Southern Hemisphere and your best protection against future skin-damage and -aging. So either you apply your favourite sunblock over top of the Biotulin Daynit24+ Cream, or if you want to kill two birds with one stone: apply the Biotulin UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream with UVA & UVB SPF30 protection over the skin gel in the mornings instead of the Daynite24+ Cream.

And That's The (Twice) Daily Biotulin Ritual Done!

Aesthetikonzept - Biotulin® Hydrolon Loose Powder

You can apply makeup over top. If you like powder foundation: give Biotulin Hydrolon Loose Powder a go - this contains micro-sized pearls of Biotulin ingredients to plumpen & smooth skin throughout the day while providing light, velvety coverage.

Every 4 Weeks: Apply A Biotulin Mask aka "Mini-Facial" 

Now we may be biased as our Founder & CEO, Claudia is a Facialist & Beauty Therapist herself... but nothing beats a skin-pampering facial! What comes pretty close to that intense skin hydration & glowing result though:  your own "at-home facial" with a Biotulin Bio Cellulose Face Mask! Chuck on one of these convenient sheet masks made of innovative bio cellulose material which fits like a second skin, for optimal ingredient absorption. Which ingredients? Well only more than HALF a bottle of the same active ingredient as in the Biotulin skin gel! We admit, this means the masks are a bit pricier than your regular paper mask, but how fortunate that our Biotulin Beauty Club members can get this for FREE as part of the monthly Biotulin Beauty Club Specials (join our mailing list to stay in the loop about those! 😉

Products In The Biotulin Ritual

Aesthetikonzept - Biotulin® be_clean 4-in-1 Micellar Cleanser_with Guarantees

Biotulin® be:clean

4-in-1 Micellar Cleanser

Aesthetikonzept - Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel


Supreme Skin Gel

Aesthetikonzept - Biotulin® eyeMATRIX Eye Cream

Biotulin® eyeMATRIX

Eye Cream

Aesthetikonzept - Biotulin® Daynite24+ Cream

Biotulin® Daynite24+


Aesthetikonzept - Biotulin® UV30 Daily Skin Protection Cream

Biotulin® UV30

Daily Skin Protection Cream

Aesthetikonzept - Biotulin Bio Cellulose Face Masks


Bio Cellulose Face Masks


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