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4 Steps To Sandal-Ready Feet & Nails

With jandal- / sandal-season around the corner – there's no time like the present to get nails and feet back into shape! Follow these steps to sandal-ready feet and nails...

Step 1: Soak & Exfoliate Feet

After Winter, the skin on your feet can do with a good refresh. Begin by soaking your feet in lukewarm water in a bath or bucket (not hot – as this will dry out your skin!). Ideally with some non-foaming, gentle/pH-neutral soap. After 15-20 minutes of soaking, use a loofah or pummice stone to gently scrape off any thicker chunks of dead skin (usually on the heels). The goal is to remove dead skin, without damaging the healthy layer. Once you have removed as much loose, dead skin as possible, rinse and gently pat the feet dry, and you are ready for the next step...

Step 2: Take Care Of Nails

If you have healthy nails: you can just give them a trim and skip to step 3...

If you HAVE fungal nail/s, this would be the time to apply the naturally active, proven Spirularin NS Fungal Nail Serum. This nail serum was specifically formulated to be absorbed through the nail into the nailbed AND cuticles, as this is where fungal spores (and bacteria!) also like to hide and where the fresh (uninfected part) of the nail comes out. This is the part we want to protect until the fungal damaged part of the nail has fully grown out and the infection is cleared. There is no quick fix and this can take 6-12 months – so there is no time like NOW to get started!

Aesthetikonzept - Spirularin NS Fungal Nail Serum One Drop Application

A NOTE ON POLISH: If you can resist, save applying nail polish until you actually plan to show your feet/have to wear it (and then remove it again ASAP). Regular nail polish not only includes plenty of nasty ingredients which damage your nails, but also seal off their air supply, making them weak and leading to yellowing. This sealing effect is also the reason Spirularin NS Fungal Nail Serum won't work applied over top of nail polish.

Key to the efficacy of Spirularin NS Fungal Nail Serum is its unique microalgae extract ingredient called Spiralin®. Spiralin® targets a broad range of fungi, bacteria and even virus, as well as accelerating cell renewal. This ensures higher chance of success due to targeting a broader antimicrobial range. Nails are also nourished to help minimise risk of reinfection.

Spirularin Skin Gel for dry, sensitive skin & feet

Step 3: Moisturise & Protect The Skin

While there are surely some of you who brave shorts (and maybe even jandals!) in Winter – majority of us have had our legs hidden. Therefore it's likely the skin there also hasn't been getting any TLC and is in need of some hydration! Especially if you are prone to dry skin or suffer from Diabetes, a moisturiser with active antimicrobial protection is a great idea for the legs and feet to keep them protected from skin infections. 

IF YOU ARE TAKING CARE OF FUNGALS NAILS: According to experts there is no nail fungus without skin fungus! Therefore it is essential that the skin between the toes and on the feet is also regenerated and protected against infections with a moisturiser like Spirularin Skin Gel – this will also give you the best and fastest results!

Furthermore: Fungal nails are contagious and the microscopic spores of fungi are all around us and can survive in carpets for literally years. So if you are taking care of fungal toe nails and share your home (carpets, rugs, shower) or bed (sheets, bedding) with anybody else, it is a good idea to get them using a proactive protection such as Spirularin Skin Gel on their feet and hands too.

Spirularin Skin Gel contains the unique Spiralin microalgae extract with naturally active, clinically proven antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, as well as cell-regenerative properties. Apart from intense skin-hydration, it provides active protection against a broad range of microbes.

Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Skin Gel_100ml_2021

Step 4: Extra Care For Cracked Heels Or Thickened Skin 

If you find that some thickened patches of skin are still needing a little more hydration even after the application of Spirularin Skin Gel  to the feet and legs, or you suffer from cracked heels you may need a thicker cream with urea. Apart from the antimicrobial protection of the Spiralin microalgae extract, Spirularin® Cracked Heel Cream includes 20% Urea, which helps exfoliate and smoothen thickened, calloused skin faster. 

Spirularin® Cracked Heel Cream combines the intense moisturising and nourishing properties of 20% Urea, Snow Mushroom, Magnolia Bark Extract & organic coconut oil, with the natural, antimicrobial protection of Spiralin® to protect cracked skin against infections. Available with a warming (for cold feet) or cooling (for "hot feet") effect.

Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Cracked Heel Cream_2021

Tip: Can't Reach Your Feet or Have A Concern? See A Professional

Especially if you suffer from a fungal toe nail infection or have Diabetes, we recommend a visit to the Podiatrist (foot/lower limb professional). While fungal nail regeneration with Spirularin NS Nail Serum at home works, it is still a good idea to visit a healthcare professional who can not only best assess the situation, but also test, that it is in fact a fungal infection you are dealing with, and ensure any treatments are safe for you.

Aesthetikonzept - Podiatrist

About Spiralin Microalgae Extract:

Spiralin® microalgae extract

The patented Spiralin microalgae extract upon which Spirularin products are based provides active protection for skin and nails  against bacteria, fungi and virus, while accelerating cell-renewal for faster healing, and restoration of skin & nails' natural protection barrier. 

Products For Naturally Neat Feet & Nice Nails

For natural care & regeneration of fungal finger or toe nails use Spirularin NS Nail Serum.

Save with our Spirularin Fungal Nail Regeneration Starter Pack which includes 2x nail serum + a FREE Spirularin Skin Gel (40ml) valued $15.50.

Sort proactive antimicrobial protection for the family with a tube of Spirularin Skin Gel - also ideal for dry skin or skin conditions (eczema, hyperkeratosis, psoriasis etc.) on the body. 

For severely dry, calloused or even cracked skin on the feet/heels try Spirularin Cracked Heel Cream with Spiralin & 20% urea.

Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Fungal Nail Serum_2021


Fungal Nail Serum

Spirularin Fungal Nail Regeneration Starter Pack

Spirularin® Fungal Nail Regeneration Starter Pack

Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Skin Gel_100ml_2021


Skin Gel

Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Cracked Heel Cream_2021


Cracked Heel Cream


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