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Aesthetikonzept - Prevent Fungal Toe Nails This Summer

5 Tips To Prevent Toe Nail Fungus This Summer

Aussie and Kiwi Summers are spent barefooted at the beach or pool. However, with the joys of Summer also come certain risks, one of which is the increased likelihood of developing fungal nails. Here are five essential tips to help you maintain healthy and beautiful toenails all Summer long…1. Correct Toe Nail CuttingCut your toenails […]

Foot Health Week: 4 Things To Check For Healthy Feet

It’s officially “Foot Health Week” and since you likely haven’t paid much attention to your feet during winter, here are four things to check on yours and your family’s feet, to ensure they are healthy, and know when to visit a Podiatrist… Check 1: (Lower Limb) SkinThe skin is our largest organ, so naturally it also affects […]

Tips For Taking Care Of Fungal Nails At Home

With jandal- and sandal-season just around the corner and fungal nails taking on average 6-10 months to fully grow out, there is no time like the present to get started! Check out our tips of how to ensure fastest and successful regeneration of fungal finger or toe nails below… In a Nutshell:Key To Successful Fungal […]

Aesthetikonzept – Fungal Nail Treatments

Fungal Nail Treatments & Why Spirularin Nail Serum Is Better – Naturally!

We may be biased, but we have great reasons to believe our naturally effective Spirularin NS Nail Serum provides a better approach to regenerating fungal nails. Check out this comparison of fungal nail treatments – whether it be oral antifungal medication, nail laser treatment, drug-based topical solutions, or natural “home remedies” – and discover why […]

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