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4 Tips For Healthy, Cold Sore Free Lips – Naturally!

The change of season may be triggering cold sores or causing cracked, chipped and uncomfortable lips – here we've compiled four tips for healthy, cold sore free lips – naturally!

Reminder: What Causes Cold Sores...

Cold sores are symptoms of the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1). Majority of people carry this virus in their bodies.

For some people carrying this virus, it never "breaks out". For others, cold sores break out whenever their immune system is weakened.

Stress and illness are two main triggers of cold sores. This could from "external" factors such as too much sun-exposure, or "internal" factors such as getting a cold, stress, or consuming too much sugar etc.

In an nutshell: When your immune system is compromised, it’s less likely to fight off viruses. Therefore it's essential to not only keep lips in optimal condition, but also address other internal and external factors to reduce risk of break outs.

1. Hydrate From Inside

This is stating the obvious, but it's amazing how many of us still don't consume enough water to stay well hydrated. If you're feeling fancy (or don't like the taste of pure water), try adding a dash of lemon (vitamin C) for flavour which also helps boost immunity – two birds, one stone! 

2. Hydrate Topically

To help prevent valuable moisture from escaping and causing cracked, chapped lips (also more prone to cold sores), we can seal in the moisture by applying lip balms. These create a protective barrier so that the moisture can't escape. Spirularin HS Lip/Cold Sore Cream is gentle enough to be used as daily lip care and apart form the cell-regenerative properties of the unique Spiralin microalgae extract also includes natural, lip-nourishing ingredients such as jojoba oil and shea butter.

Spirularin HS Lip/Cold Sore Cream is gentle enough to be used as daily lip care OR as acute care and protection. Due to its naturally proactive antiviral protection which breaks the viral lifecycle, daily application of Spirularin HS Lip/Cold Sore Cream also reduces outbreaks of cold sores.

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KOSHO Matcha Tea Ritual

3. Boost Immunity

In addition to keeping lips in good condition topically, it is also important to remember that cold sores are caused by a virus. The virus is more likely to break out if the immune system is weakened. For many people this occurs when they consume too much refined sugar, are stressed, or exposed to too much UV-radiation. Help protect your cells and boost immunity by drinking a bowl of matcha green tea daily – which contains the highest levels of antioxidants from any superfoods!

Matcha tea is proven to have the highest levels of antioxidants from any superfoods. Only a cup a day is enough for health benefits such as boosting immunity, energy, and metabolism. KOSHO Byuti Organic Matcha is an orgnaic, pure, ceremonial grade, single origin matcha grown in Japan, with a rich yet smooth flavour. Learn more about the natural, proven health benefits of matcha tea, or how to prepare the perfect brew.

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4. Add UV-Protection

Just like it can cause skin-damage and -ageing, UV-exposure weakens the cells, making it easier for the herpes simplex (cold sore) virus to break out and spread, resulting in blisters. Therefore Spirularin HS Lip/Cold Sore Cream also includes SPF15 protection, to further reduce risk of outbreaks from UV-exposure – a common trigger for people.

Thanks to its antibacterial and cell-regenerative properties Spirularin HS Lip/Cold Sore Cream can also be applied as naturally effective, acute care of cold sore blisters. The antibacterial action reduces risk of secondary bacterial infections (worsening the blister), while the cell-regenerative action accelerates healing.

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How Does It Work? Based On The Unique Microalgae Extract, Spiralin

Spiralin® microalgae extract

The patented Spiralin microalgae extract ingredient provides naturally active, clinically proven protection for against bacteria, fungi and virus, while also accelerating cell-renewal for nails and skin to regenerate more quickly.

Naturally Effective Products For Healthy Lips

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Lip/Cold Sore Cream

skinicer® Ocean Kiss

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Aesthetikonzept AU&NZ - KOSHO Byuti Matcha Tea


Byuti Organic Matcha Tea


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