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5 Tips To Prevent Toe Nail Fungus This Summer

Hitting the beach or pool this summer? Follow these simple tips to prevent pesky toe nail fungus...

Aesthetikonzept - Podiatrist

1. Correct Toe Nail Cutting

Cut your toenails straight across and not too short. This helps avoid ingrown toenails which may contribute to fungal and bacterial infections. Can't reach your toes properly, or always seem to get it wrong and end up with ingrown toenails? We can highly recommend an appointment with a Podiatrist, who can either cut your toe nails for you, show you how to cut them properly so you know for next time, or even take care of an ingrown toenail for you.

2. Wear Properly Fitting Shoes

According to Anke Niederau – leading Podiatrist in Europe, as well as Author of the professional compendium The Big Book of Nail Diseases, ill-fitting shoes and socks are the biggest culprit for causing infections in the nails. Shoes should neither be too tight or pointy so as to squish the toes and toe nails, nor too loose to slide and jam toes/nails into your shoes when you are walking. Again we can recommend a trip to the professionals (Podiatrist) to help you fit your shoes properly, or a well-trained shoe sales person will also be able to judge whether your shoes are in fact the correct size.

Aesthetikonzept - Preventing FUngal Nails from ill-fitting shoes
Aesthetikonzept - Preventing Fungal Nails with Breathable Footwear

3. Choose Breathable Footwear 

This is easy to do in summer with Kiwis and Aussies loving their jandals/flip-flops/thongs anyway... The more air is able to circulate around your feet, the drier and less susceptible to toe nail fungus they’ll be. If you are having to wear closed shoes to the office, ensure they are made of more breathable material such as leather or canvas.

4. Avoid Going Barefoot In Public Areas

While summer seems like the perfect time to kick off your shoes altogether - beware: public pools, showers/bathrooms, gyms, yoga studios and locker rooms are laden with fungi just waiting to get to your toes. So be sure to wear your flip-flops/thongs in these moist, public environments too.

Aesthetikonzept - Preventing Fungal Nails by not walking barefoot

5. Proactively Protect Your Feet

It may help to put antifungal powders and sprays in your shoes. However these can get messy (powder going everywhere) and don't really protect the whole foot, nor do they protect against bacterial infections. Podiatrists love using our Spirularin Skin Gel on their patients. Be it on patients with existing skin conditions on their legs, such as eczema or diabetic feet, or as proactive protection against skin and nail infections such as fungal nails or Athlete's foot. Simply massage a thin layer of Spirularin Skin Gel into your feet after your daily shower, to give your feet the best proactive protection against fungal toe nails this summer.

Too late? You already have a fungal nail infection?

Not to worry - we have the naturally effective solution for that too: Check out the Spirularin®NS Fungal Nail Serum or our Fungal Nail Regeneration Starter Pack below...

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