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Ultimate Guide To Moisturising – The Body Edition

In this guide, we will explore the art of moisturising the body, hands and feet to keep them soft and supple and have you feeling comfortable in your skin all Winter long.

Spirularin Skin Gel for dry, sensitive skin & feet

Moisturise Directly After Showering

After showering or bathing, pat your skin dry with a towel and immediately apply the moisturiser to lock in the moisture. Pay extra attention to areas prone to dryness, such as elbows, knees, and heels.

For an indulgent treat, try using a body lotion infused with a soothing natural fragrance to uplift your senses during the gloomy winter days, such as the light, yet refreshing aroma of grapefruit peel oil in Biotulin® Hans & Franz.

Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin Hans & Franz Cleavage Smoothing Lotion_2021

Biotulin® Hans & Franz

Smoothing Cleavage & Body Lotion

Natural, vegan moisturiser with proven skin-smoothing Biotulin® ingredients,
 to reduce lines an wrinkles on the chest (e.g. from side sleeping) or anywhere on the body. Amino acids plumpen the skin and grapefruit peel oil provides a light, uplifting scent.
Suitable for all skin types, made in Germany.  
Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Skin Gel_100ml_2021


Skin Gel

Dermatologist-developed natural moisturiser based on the unique Spiralin® microalgae extract and its antimicrobial and cell-regenerative properties. For all skin types but especially for very sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, hyperkeratosis, diabetic feet, or Athlete's Foot, made in Germany.

Don't Forget To Moisturise Your Hands...

Remember to moisturise your hands throughout the day, as they are often exposed to the harsh elements. Keep a tube of hand cream in your bag or at your desk, and apply it whenever your hands feel dry or rough.

The "handy" 😉 Biotulin Handkiss Smoothing Hand Cream not only contains the natural, proven skin-smoothing ingredients of Biotulin, but also 24 carat Gold which leaves skin feeling smooth as silk. (please note: these Gold particles aren't visible/don't make hands shiny!)

Aesthetikonzept – Natural Moisturisers

Biotulin® Handkiss

Smoothing Hand Cream

Natural, vegan, hand cream based on skin-smoothing Biotulin ingredients to visibly reduce the appearance of lined, wrinkled hands. 24 carat Gold leaves skin feeling smooth as silk (not glittery!). Made in Germany.
Aesthetikonzept Biotulin AU&NZ - Biotulin Handkiss Smoothing Hand Cream_2021
Aesthetikonzept Spirularin® Cracked Heel Cream Application

...And Moisturise Your Feet & Heels

Our feet often bear the brunt of winter's assault, trapped in boots and exposed to cold floors. To keep them soft and supple, a dedicated foot moisturiser is essential. Look for ingredients like urea, which help remove dead skin cells and soften calluses.


Cracked Heel Cream

Contains 20% urea, snow fungus (for intense moisture-binding properties) as well as the unique antimicrobial and cell-regenerative properties of the unique Spiralin microalgae extract to accelerate healing of cracked heels and hydrate and soften thickened, calloused skin on the feet. Available with a gentle warming or cooling effect. Made in Germany.
Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Cracked Heel Cream_2021

Add (Natural Fibre) Socks

After a warm bath or shower, when your feet are clean and slightly damp, apply a generous amount of moisturiser to your feet and massage it in using circular motions. Pay extra attention to the heels and soles of your feet. For an added treat, wear a pair of cozy socks (from natural fibres such as cotton or wool!) overnight to allow the moisturiser to work its magic while you sleep.

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Aesthetikonzept – Winter Skin Bliss Ultimate Guide To Moisturising – The Face Edition

Ultimate Moisturising Guide – Face Edition

Aesthetikonzept – Taking Care Of Cracked Heels At Home – Naturally

Caring For Cracked Heels – Naturally!

Find Your Naturally Effective Moisturiser For Body, Hands & Feet

Biotulin® Australia & New Zealand - Hans & Franz Bust Smoothing Lotion

Biotulin® Hans & Franz

Smoothing Body Lotion


Biotulin® Handkiss Smoothing Hand Cream

Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Skin Gel_100ml_2021


Skin Gel

Aesthetikonzept_Spirularin Cracked Heel Cream_2021


Cracked Heel Cream


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