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What Makes Spiralin® Microalgae Extract Unique?

March 22nd marks World Water Day and as the microalgae from which our unique Spiralin® extract is made grow in water, we considered it time to revisit what makes Spiralin® microalgae extract unique and what health concerns it can help with – naturally!

Natural, Pro-Active Antiviral Protection – Thanks To Special Types Of Sugar Molecules

After many years of testing and clinical trials, it was discovered that the secret to the antiviral activity of Spiralin® microalgae lies in special sugar molecules contained in the extract. These sugar molecules cover skin cells in a protective layer and block the receptors on the cells where the virus would usually attach to begin its replication process. 

This means Spiralin® (pro)actively protects the skin cells against the virus, before it even has a chance to enter the cells. This breaks the viral lifecycle, contains the virus and prevents further breakouts.

During testing by the GeoMar Institute for Marine Sciences in Germany, the antiviral activity of Spiralin® was tested and proved efficacy of more than 80% against the following viruses:

  • HSV Herpes simplex virus (incl. H simplex keratitis & H encephalitis)
  • HPV Human Papilloma virus
  • KSHV/HHV-8 (Kaposi sarcoma associated H-virus, Human H-virus) causing cutaneous Kaposi sarcoma

For Example In...

Aesthetikonzept - Spirularin VS Wart Cream Formulation

In the case of warts which are caused by the Human Papilloma virus (HPV), the Spirularin VS Wart Cream is applied twice daily to the wart and 3-5cm of the surrounding healthy skin. The antiviral action of Spiralin®, as well as its cell-regenerative properties, protect the healthy skin cells until the (old, infected) skin cells (i.e. the wart) has "grown out" – painlessly and wound free.

Spirularin® HS Cold Sore Cream can be applied as acute or proactive care of cold sores. It's gentle enough to be used as daily lip care for proactive protection against cold sore outbreaks. Because Spiralin® is not only antiviral but also antibacterial and cell-regenerative, Spirularin® HS Cold Sore Cream also reduces (secondary) bacterial infections of the cold sore blisters during acute outbreaks, as well as accelerates healing.

Natural, Antifungal Action – Thanks To Chitinase Enzymes

Spiralin® microalgae extract contains unique enzymes called chitinases. These enzymes break down the chitin contained in the cell-structure of fungi, thus destroying the fungi. The same study by the GeoMar Institute for Marine Sciences in Germany proved inhibition of fungi by over 80% including the following common types of yeasts and dermatophytes:

  • Candida glabrata
  • Candida albicans
  • Trichophyton rubrum
  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes
  • Microsporum canis

For Example In...

Spirularin NS Fungal Nail Serum not only provides broad-spectrum antifungal and antibacterial protection, but is also skin-friendly and meant to come into contact with skin i.e. the cuticles – because this is often where the fungi, their spores and bacteria hide.

Furthermore, it is safe for anyone to use (incl. children, diabetics and during pregnancy) and has been used and recommended by healthcare professionals in Europe since almost 15 years and in Australia and New Zealand for seven years now.

Aesthetikonzept Spirularin NS Nail Serum Nourishing Ingredients

Natural, Antibacterial Action – Even Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria Strains

Furthermore, Spiralin® microalgae extract also proved more than 80% effective against not only acne-bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes), but even drug-resistant strains of the problematic Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (aka MRSA strains).

This is of huge benefit for anyone suffering from damaged, itchy skin or skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis etc. According to Dermatologists, what usually causes the itchiness is actually a (secondary) infection of the skin with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, this is eliminated by Spiralin®.

For Example In...

Spirularin® Skin Gel which was developed with leading Dermatologists, for the acute or proactive care of sensitive, dry or damaged skin i.e. from eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, Athlete's Foot/tinea etc.

The natural antimicrobial protection of Spiralin®, combined with high-quality nurturing ingredients (i.e. Betaine complexes, organic coconut and rosemary oils) stabilises an impaired skin barrier, which is particularly important for people prone to skin conditions or infections.

Cell-Protection & Cell-Regeneration – Increased Collagen By Up To 36%

Last but certainly not least, Spiralin® microalgae extract also proved cell-protective and cell-regenerative properties. With the protection of Spiralin®, skin cells lost little or no activity following exposure to strong UV radiation. Spiralin® also proved to increase the formation of collagen in human skin cells by up to 36%. Both these properties are of particular help when it comes to accelerating cell-renewal or healing of damaged skin.

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A Reminder: What Is Spiralin®?

Spiralin® microalgae extract

Spiralin® is a patented extract derived from a natural microalgae. This microalgae has survived billions of years of evolution thanks to the unique defence mechanisms it developed to protect itself against viruses, fungi, bacteria and harsh UV-radiation.

Therefore Spiralin® microalgae extract ingredient provides naturally active, proven protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses, while also accelerating cell-renewal for nails and skin to regenerate more quickly. Spiralin® is the key active ingredient in the German-made Spirularin® as well as skinicer® Repair ranges.

Medical Disclaimer: This blogpost is for informative purposes only and not intended as medical advice. We encourage those who have health-related queries to reach out to a medical professional.


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