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Fungal Nail Serum

NZD $ 47.00

Natural care & regeneration of damaged/fungal nails

  • Clinically proven, naturally active antifungal & antibacterial protection of Spiralin®+ silver molecule
  • Water-based formulation – penetrates to the nailbed, to target fungi & bacteria at the source
  • 100% natural, nail-nourishing ingredients – restore protection barrier & reduce risk of reinfection
  • Simple & economical application – no filing, just ONE drop between all 10 nails, 2x daily

Please see detailed product description & videos below.

Contains 10 ml of product


Made in Germany
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Key Benefits of Spirularin®NS
Nail Serum Explained


For the natural care & regeneration of damaged or fungal nails

The Spirularin®NS nail serum offers an effective, natural solution for damaged or fungal nails. Unlike other fungal nail care products, Spirularin®NS also nourishes and hydrates the nails, to help restore their natural protection barrier. Its innovative, natural dual-action formulation combines nourishing ingredients with the unique microalgae extract Spiralin® , with clinically proven antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

The active microalgae extract Spiralin® protects cells with its broad protection profile against bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens, which reduces the risk of re-infection. Next to this microbial protection, Spiralin® also accelerates human cell regeneration and improves the natural skin barrier.

High-quality nurturing ingredients (e.g. hamamelis & jojoba oil) stabilise the impaired protection barrier of the nails and surrounding skin, which is particularly important for patients that are prone to infections/immune-weakened (i.e. patients with diabetes, injuries, sensitive/dry skin).

Excellent Product

Originally recommended & purchased from a chiropodist who advised it may take 12 months to clear my fungal nail infection. This product has cleared it in approx 5 months (used twice daily). Definitely recommended.

Heather B.

Tauranga, NZ

Key Active Ingredients of Spirularin®NS Nail Serum

Naturally active & scientifically proven

Spiralin® Microalgae Extract
Spirulina Platensis Extract
Spiralin® microalgae extract
  • Naturally active antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial & cell-regenerative properties

  • Antifungal + antibacterial properties ensure broader antimicrobial spectrum 

  • Scientifically proven at GEOMAR institue in Germany – one of world's leading institutes in marine sciences

  • Batch tested for guaranteed antimicrobial activity

  • Silver Molecules
    Silver Sulfate
    • Natural antifungal properties
    • Offers a broader antifungal spectrum to target different types of nail fungus
    Witch Hazel Leaf Extract
    Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract
    Witch Hazel Extract
    • Natural soothing ingredient
    • reduces dehydration of skin 
    Jojoba Seed Oil
    Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
    Jojoba nut
    • Moisturises & hydrates nails
    • Nails require moisture otherwise they become brittle, weak & prone to infections
    • Jojoba seed oil's natural antifungal properties make it an ideal solution for Athlete's foot or other types of nail fungus
    • Deeply nourishing to nails, jojoba oil is able to repair damaged collagen matrix inside nail beds, improving strength & promoting nail growth

    Ingredients according to INCI-standard

    Correct Application of Spirularin®NS Nail Serum

    • 1
      Applied to clean nails - nothing underneath or over top (e.g. greasy moisturisers - only combine with Spirularin® Gel)
    • 2
      Distribute ONE tear-sized drop between ALL 10 nails
    • 3
      Massage into nails & cuticles until absorbed
    • 4
      Repeat twice daily: morning & night - be diligent

    Continue application until the infected nail has fully grown out (for suitable nail-polish see Oxyperm). Avoid contact with the eyes.

    Good to know: While positive changes can usually be noticed within the first 4 weeks of use, it is essential that regular application (twice daily) is maintained until the nail has completely regenerated, otherwise there is a chance of the fungus returning. Therefore on average, approx. 4-6 bottles of Spirularin® NS will usually be required.

    For handy hints, tips & tricks - check out our application tutorial to know exactly how Spirularin®NS should be applied:


    EXTRA TIP: If your fungal nails are thickened or chalky - we recommend you see a podiatrist to have the nails professionally assessed & filed down, before beginning with the application of Spirularin®NS Nail Serum. 

    Great improvement

    ​I've been using this product for 3 months now & am pleased with the improvement. Obviously it will take more time to eradicate the infection.This product was recommended by my podiatrist & is the only one that has had any effect.


    Christchurch, NZ

    ​Time will tell. 

    ​Been using twice daily for a week, seems to be something happening. I can see half way down my big toe is now clear of fungal, just the top half is still infected. Bought this after niece used another spirularin product for a verruca with amazing results.

    Jane H.

    Auckland, NZ

    Additional information

    Weight 30 g

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